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Dow Jones Industrial Average.9 YTD (up for the week.4) Nasdaq Composite.1 YTD (up for the week.5) S P 500.6 YTD (up for the week.6) Russell 2000.3 YTD (up for the week.9).S. Honestly, I don't really know what to write about as my daily routine is pretty boring but the fam recommended I just talk about the aforementioned routine. . How did you sleep?) Me-"Ningo" (Good) "Mwalile?" (Slang for "how are you eating Me-"Insima" (Insima. . The Backlog of Orders Index decreased.5 from.5. This wasn't a problem for the first 30 minutes but as the students realized there were no reserves on the way and this musungu has no authority whatsoever, things got out of hand. . Life is still very great here in Zambia, just got off from having beers with most of my intake. . We crossed through knee deep water, over small branch bridges, through herds of cattle, and up the middle of people's farms and homes constantly asking "Uzye ivyakupita uku. Just today I played soccer with fellow volunteers and about 20 local kids with Tribe Called Quest's "Buggin Out" playing on a speaker in the background. Much to our delight, she joined us for a Fourth of July beer on Lake Chilla and told us about her life in the area and we told her about ours. . Conversely, the consumer staples (0.3) and health care (0.3) sectors finished atop the standings. A couple of participants commented that the recent decline in oil prices could be a sign of a weakening in global demand that could weigh on capital spending by oil production companies and affect companies providing services to the oil industry. The group decided to follow the more sparsely vegetated ridge line counterclockwise around the valley. .

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As a Mambwe speaking RAP, I was especially excited to finally use my greetings and limited language skills with people other than the two other trainees, my teacher, and my host mother. . Sounds like a proper Fourth of July. . The pool gave me a new lease on my sporting life. I love the food, smells, and sights of both my homestay and village and I've truly gotten accustomed to the rhythm of Chishiko; so being in a sterile shopping center feels draining after more than a few hours. There is usually no light until her lamp is charged around dinner time so I can sneakily eat like an animal. . I passed by the school to on my way home and couldn't help but laugh when I saw the head teacher in casual clothes celebrating tomorrow's "teacher's holiday" a day early, relaxing on the steps of the school as the students walked home. . In short, I dont believe in doing things half-f*ked. The food is great, the Zambians are living up to their friendly reputation (we spent 2 full days learning how to go through the extensive greetings in Mambwe, the Lundas begin their greetings 100 meters before shaking hands. Side note: At this time of the day on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday/Friday, depending on the weather, I will either be swimming (at least twice a week for a total of at least 4km. Hopeful to have something to show for my efforts. . 21:15 Home and rueing the missed short on Crude between 18:00 and 20:30 gorgeous.00 slide.

think or swim high accuracy day trading strategies

A few participants, however, favored no change in the target range at this meeting, judging that the absence think or swim high accuracy day trading strategies of signs of upward inflation pressure afforded the Committee some latitude to wait and see how the data would develop amid the. Here was a gorgeous 50m lap pool where I could restart my sporting life and there would be no excuses for not giving it. Yes, trading can become a very unhealthy addiction especially if you find yourself staring at charts for more than a quarter of your waking time. . This bus was hell. . Although I love going in, eating cheeseburgers, shopping at a grocery store, and seeing a new movie, it is really strange being in an urban mall just an hour or so after leaving our tiny village. .

All 11 S P 500 sectors finished higher with industrials (4.1 real estate (4.0 consumer discretionary (3.7 energy (3.4 and information technology (3.4) outperforming the think or swim high accuracy day trading strategies broader market. These long stretches have been broken up by fun meals in Ya Maayo's living room and getting to know my government issued friends through walking/biking between homes, soccer, and after school cold ones. These days, I take more joy in sharing what I know for free than when I was in the seminar business. It was a great sunset exaggerated by the wild and village fires (after harvesting farmers burn their fields). Nsunzu at the northernmost edge. Living in the village is a skill and. Taking away my endurance sports was cutting off the only thing I truly loved and enjoyed about my sporting life and the only thing that gave me any sense of achievement and gratification. I didnt mind their curiosity because I felt they wanted to do the same but were unsure if they would be able to make the grade. At cluster site we get the volunteer's perspective and advice first hand on how to exist within the Mambwe culture and area. . Of 2541 mln) Advancers outpacing decliners (nyse 1675/1281, nasdaq 1657/1407) New highs outpacing new lows (nyse 16/5, nasdaq 26/13) Dollar: Weakness Persists The.S. Much of the community spent three consecutive nights sleeping on the grieving family's yard. The key takeaway from the report is that it supports the Feds born-again belief that it can be patient with its policy approach given that the core inflation trend is stable around the longer-run target at a time. The key takeaway from the report is that the healthy expansion in consumer credit is a good portent for consumer spending activity when matched with good feelings about job security and income growth.

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09:52 WTI broke below my Kill Box for a short but is trading along the.10 support that saw it get rejected twice at that level on Tuesday. I have to tell you that this didnt come by by accident nor was it planned. I eat a PB J, one fried egg on bread, one banana, and instant coffee, plus one apple for the road. Thats why no pictures here. Going through an outdoor Zambian market negotiating prices, and trying to guess what random items I'll need for the next two years deserves its own post. . Nothing comes through there in terms of goods, so, the people of Saise rely on a monthly market to buy any groceries or special goods that aren't grown in town. . Additionally, there will be a key Brexit vote in the UK Parliament and continued attention to the partial government shutdown in the.S., which is about to become the longest on record. It also finished the week with a gain.5. After reaching the bottom we got in contact with another farmer who lives in the area below, Jackie. . I armed a bunch of middle schoolers with hoes and mud and was surprised at the results. . Her story of being forced from the only place she knew as home and her opinions on local politics were sobering but fascinating to hear. .

Between all the tents and people, for a second, I though it was a welcome party. . Tomorrow, Noah and I are making her gumbo. . Forget about full-time trading. Local news broadcasted in Lusaka and the Ambassador was in attendance. . 2-yr: up 7 bps.55 from.48 from the previous week 5-yr: up 5 bps.53 from.48 10-yr: think or swim high accuracy day trading strategies up 4 bps.70 from.66 30-yr: up 7 bps.04 from.97 The flanks of the yield curve. This was the "Africa" (minus the big mammals hopping around) I had pictured when I applied to PC Zambia. .

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I wanted to go faster and further. No one was in the pool at that time maybe because it was a blazing hot Monday lunch time or that the kids were in transition to or from school. Which makes me wonder how much time do we actually waste waiting for traffic lights/jams, pedestrian crossings, elevators, airline flights and all the various queues? I traced back every memory I had with regard to my swimming. As I learn more and more, she, Noah, and I are finding much in common and are regularly rolling in laughter at stories and linguistic missteps. The well and soccer field are at the school so, in addition to a steady stream of kids, all ages and types of people are constantly walking. . It might sound easier said than done but the simple solution is to focus on putting one foot in front of the other focus on breathing over and over again and before you know it, youll be clocking up the kilometres again with ease. The market is a pipe-dream to many and an office to others. Have a great weekend and Happy Hunting always! The benchmark index came into the session.4 from its Christmas Eve low, suggesting to many that the broader market had gotten overbought on a short-term basis and was due for a pullback. The buy-the-dip mentality lifted the market whenever it was down and allowed the S P 500 to flirt with its 2600 level, which approximates the bottom end of the trading range that persisted for most of 2018. After the initial day, my stay steadily trended upward, although there was little room for it to go down. . The history of my swim told a very interesting story which is exactly is what my whole life is about today.

think or swim high accuracy day trading strategies

A rarely encountered language even within Zambia, I couldn't be happier with the assignment. The forest was dense enough that just when I thought we'd lost them, another body of bare bottom and pale fur would appear from the side. . Part 3: Online Trading: The Obvious Lie Part 3 If youre trading and getting no joy, you should read this and get real. The book is a true story about a mountain climber who ends up essentially sneaking into the capital of Tibet right before the Chinese invasion and becomes incredibly involved in the city of Lhasa as well as its God-King teenage ruler. During the day we had host workshops where we were essentially getting to know a counterpart representative from each of our villages and going over expectations and questions with language trainers as translators. . A funny effect of this is I will meet people weeks later and when I don't recognize them will remind me "We talked outside your house!" All I can do is remind them that I meet. Mom is a fighter. Most of the pictures were from training in Chongwe, playing soccer and basketball, grabbing beers after class, and general chicanery with my intake. .

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These incredibly welcoming people and a loving host mother are making it easy. How's it going friends and family! From here we could see we were basically on the southernmost rim of a large bowl with. . We've now spread out to the corners of Zambia but RAP (Rural Aquaculture Promotion) 2018 has many more good times to come. . Investors saw some room for trade optimism this week when a scheduled two-day trade meeting in Beijing extended into a third day. Mupite ningo, Jack Editor's note: In my first post I said Mambwe was tough because it was the only language that couldn't be practiced around town. .

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So why settle for a half baked attitude to trading? Over the next 3 hours and 30 km we blasted African trap music through his speakers and subwoofers at a volume that is not safe for human consumption. . Nsunzu is the tallest mountain in Zambia.* As a whole, Zambia is a very flat country atop a large plateau so readjust your mental image, but, still, a large peak! He was formerly a member of a local band, The Survivors back in the 70s. I left the seminar business so that I could slow down and focus on the things that are important to me and to have the time to do the things that matter in my life.

My host brother represented my village and we took turns interrogating each other about where we came from, our families, and what we want going forward. The time was 9:30 am and school was done for the day. . There is a saying in Bemba think or swim high accuracy day trading strategies "He who can talk never gets lost." I decided to put that to the test and travel 15-20km to Nsunzu equipped with my bike, limited Mambwe skills, and the destination clear on my horizon. Such a vastly different life there. This is the latest update: Comments Off on Weekly Market Analysis BMO Weekly Market Analysis BMO week IN review January 07 to 11 : Stocks Extend Rally into Earnings Season The S P 500 gained.5 this week, rising. But a few got super engaged and took their jobs so seriously! . She and her husband have a lovely, open air home that was seemingly made just to welcome us tired, dirty volunteers. .