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Influential within a number of companies via his firm DigitalCurrencyGroup. Pato Patinyo Psychedelic Spaceman hunter of crypto gems. These guys are doing it better than most. CryptoCronkite The undisputed source for quality updates on what is happening with Crypto Twitter. Follow for unintentional humor and nothing more. Remember though, this is not investment advice.

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VentureCoinist One of the rare high-profile traders that doesnt try to maintain some form of anonymity. Hsaka Consistent producer of educational content. Jim Rickards Gold bug that hates anyone who entertains the thought that Bitcoin could be a considered a gold alternative. These people have already made their fortune and it comes through in their tweets. The highest ranking.S. The Exchanges You wont get much in the way of commentary from these accounts, but theyre an essential follow due to the effect that their announcements can have on the market. Beastlyorion Plenty of joke posts but a lot of honest conversation regarding promising altcoin trades and the overall market. The founder of, crypto, twitter.

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Samson Mow CSO of Blockstream, another company looking to help solve Bitcoin s scaling issues. Adam Back Cryptographer who invented the Hashcash protocol. Most of these people have cartoon characters for AVIs. Socal crypto bitcoin chris twitter Crypto miner and trader with an eye for new and undervalued coins. The Zealots Most of Crypto Twitter approaches the industry with at least a slight bit of skepticism. India 53000, bharti Airtel, Videocon, Reliance, indonesia 89887, aXIS, 3, Telkomsel, Indosat, XL Axiata. BullyEsq Crypto Twitter s resident lawyer.

Also crypto bitcoin chris twitter a Blockchain thought leader. Beyond crypto hating, great follow for digital marketing news and stock tips. The Devs All of the accounts listed here have experience maintaining the actual code that drives some of the worlds most popular cryptocurrencies. Claims he is Satoshi Nakamoto while offering no credible evidence. Peter Todd Early Bitcoin core contributor. Buttcoin The OG Bitcoin hater. Elon Musk Probably owns 5 of the crypto supply but cant tweet about it directly because the SEC sucks. All of the useful technical analysis you need to succeed in the cryptocurrency space is available for free if you are willing to hunt for. Quite possibly the most powerful voice for crypto in Washington.C. Erik Voorhees Early investor and outspoken Bitcoin supporter.

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Andreas Antonopoulos The most prolific producer of content with the purpose of making Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies accessible to the masses. Shillhouse Insightful charts mixed with bitter sarcasm. Timely retweets of the Chicago police scanner. The Real MVPs These accounts dont fall into any neat category, but all deserve a follow if you want to diversify your crypto twitter feed. David Schwartz We dont consider Ripple (XRP) to be a legitimate cryptocurrency, but learning about it is essential to understanding the community. Imagine explaining to your wife that you lost the kids college fund because you made your investment decisions based on a cartoon Jalapeno from Twitter. Crypto Christopher Walken Your best crypto bitcoin chris twitter resource for learning about cryptocurrency mining. Bitmex Research There is no-one putting out more consistent, detailed, high-level research on cryptocurrencies. Leigh Cuen Reporter for CoinDesk.