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Distressed Debt Active/Non-Control : Active/Non-control strategies are substantially different from trading strategies in that the goal for the fund manager is to accumulate significant positions in companies that are likely to go through, or are in, a bankruptcy restructuring process. RK O is recognized internationally as a leader in distressed debt industry developments and legal practices. Investors in distressed credit potentially benefit from an increase in valuation above par after a restructuring and turnaround. Mercers model of factor exposures is shown below5: Considerations for Wealth Managers, when considering the role that distressed opportunities may represent for client portfolios, we believe wealth managers should balance the illiquidity premium and portfolio diversification opportunities presented by the asset class. As one of the few firms to work in this area since its infancy, weve pioneered industry standards through our practice and our participation in key lsta and LMA committees. Overview, distressed debt and credit is a comparatively small but growing sector of the private equity and hedge fund market with approximately 250B in AUM spread across approximately 120 US based funds1. As a result of the foregoing, it is possible that there may be differences between the data in the information shown and the information provided by a fund and/or its investment manager. Distressed Credit Restructuring/Turnaround : Distressed credit funds also buy suffering target companies utilizing equity, sometimes purchasing them before an expected bankruptcy and other times during the bankruptcy process. Distressed funds are positioned to buy debt, take the borrowers through a capital restructuring, and benefit from the eventual economic recovery. . This should provide diversification throughout the portfolio4.

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Furthermore, the above information and commentary should not be relied upon for any purpose whatsoever. No assurance can be given that any fund referenced herein will be available for investment. This means we can act fast and without conflicts clouding our judgment. Our clients take decisive action, and so. The information shown, including any performance information, may be based on estimates provided by third parties (i.e., other than cais or any cais affiliate). The goal is to gain control of companies that are under par value and then restructure them. Investors in distressed debt can become major creditors in a company and could have significant influence during any liquidation process or reorganization that may take place. The following characteristics may be helpful to keep in mind when assessing a distressed debt and credit fund: Track record that demonstrates experience managing distressed debt and leveraged loans and confirms a deep understanding regarding how to navigate. The sector is focused on investment opportunities that involve any credit instrument that is trading at a significant discount with a greater than average spread for its industry. 1Preqin, Distressed Debt In North America and Europe, 2016 2Kelly DePonte, The Guide to Distressed Debt Turnaround Investing, 2014 3caia, Investing in Distressed Debt, 2014 4Mercer, What is Private Equity, 2016. Brown Rudnick helps hedge funds take aggressive positions in restructuring-related situations. A fund may calculate metrics similar to those shown in performance information using unrounded numbers and/or monthly returns that are slightly different from those sent to investors in such fund. A useful way to understand the risks and return drivers of various investments can be to categorize their exposure to various base market exposures.

It does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase any security or investment product and is not a complete description of the terms applicable to an investment in distressed debt trading strategies any fund or vehicle. The metrics displayed may not provide an accurate portrait of the potential risks involved in investing in any portfolio, fund, any cais fund or any group of cais funds. Our prudent counsel is also informed by RK Os deep expertise in bankruptcy, credit derivatives, finance, restructuring, litigation, private equity and securities law. The holding period on this type of investment is typically short and measured in weeks or even days, which makes this strategy the most liquid in the class. Any such offer of solicitation may only be made by means of the fund offering memorandum. Funds employing this strategy are generally looking for investment opportunities in which they believe the debt obligations are mispriced and will rebound in value. RK Os experience representing hedge funds, investment banks, CLOs and other financial institutions in all aspects of loan and claims trading gives our lawyers a unique understanding of the legal issues and commercial complexities that underpin the market. The performance information shown reflects investments made in markets characterized by certain events that may not occur in the future.

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The promise of great reward comes with risk, especially given that the quality and volume of distressed debt opportunities is highly cyclical and that the window for outsized returns can be short. Distressed strategies require an experienced and active hand to navigate effectively, and wealth managers should bear that in mind as they perform due diligence on the asset managers to which they are entrusting their client assets. Our dedicated specialists are well-versed in market challenges and trends, allowing us to efficiently solve our clients most pressing legal needs. While neither cais nor its affiliates expect that such differences will be material, no assurance can be given that such differences will not be materially significant. During the past decade, the secondary market for bank loans soared to an average of approximately 500 billion per year in trades. Defining, measuring or scoring some these risk factors can improve an investors ability to properly judge the risk and potential return of different portfolios. It should be pointed out that while each strategy is distinct, many funds utilize a hybrid of strategies in some form of combination as the marketplace and opportunities dictate2: Distressed Debt Trading: At its simplest, Distressed Debt Trading involves purchasing. By representing many of the original investors in distressed bank loans, we helped create documentation, standards and customs that were adopted by the entire secondary loan trading marketplace. Many funds employ a hybrid approach to more effectively utilize multiple strategies and be more opportunistic in the marketplace3. Brown Rudnick helps hedge funds take aggressive positions in restructuring-related situations. As one of the few firms to work in this area since its infancy, weve pioneered industry standards through our practice and our participation. Distressed securities can include common and preferred shares, bank debt, trade claims distressed corporate bonds.

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If the terms are not to your liking then the bonus loses any attraction and that broker may not be the best choice. Financial operations are overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). As well as offering materials to assist the trader, it is now easier than ever to contact your broker. If you enjoy trading on distressed debt trading strategies the go, you can choose to opt-in for text messages which give you updates on how your trades have fared. Methods for used for used for used for used. If so, how about the Muslim traders? A regulated broker is the safest option.

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