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While theyre definitely handy, they only make a city grow fast. Additionally your cities can't be bribed when your under a democracy. These troops are never upgraded by Leonardo's Workshop- nor is any other infantry type upgraded. While you are doing that, begin building Oxford University. section ONE- general overview chapter2: The Tools Of The Trade This chapter contains information on the various units, buildings, wonders etc available for use in Civ2. War is the focus here.

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8-1-2* Bribery Corruption Bribe settlers whenever possible. On Emperor level this is easy because you don't get any discontent until your third citizen and by building lots of settlers you ensure you don't have cities that big. Sometimes they will refuse, but if you get them up to Worshipful status theyll roll over like a dog and let you kick them. I had a bunch of cities, ranging up to size 14 (captured from the Babylonians and I immediately had problems with famines. 2-6-3: Stealth Fighter Calling this unit a Stealth fighter is a bit of a misnomer. So be sure to check it out! If you leave a city undefended (or all the defenders are killed) you can be sure there'll be one of these around ready to drop in for a cup of tea and a bite to eat. Incomplete *2-1-6 Explorer An extremely underrated unit. Peat 1 Food, 4 Shields, 0 Trade. Granted, you loose alot of sci. Brickles III) 2-11: Wonders of The World : Must Haves Great Library, Leonardo's Workshop, Michaelangelo's Chapel, Women's Suffrage, Hoover Dam, Great Wall. 88 88oobY' 88ooo88 88 88ooooo 88 Y8b. They also never become obsolete!

Trust me, you want that large map! There are times however when you have a city with the resources and ability to produce other wonders. Build a Library in all of your cities so that you can build the ever-important National College upon researching Philosophy. Fundamentalism appears to be a sound alternative but fanatics are not good units and technology is the only way to break the stalemates that can develop in the late game - and Fundamentalist governments lose 50 of their research. Starting Points, first start the game on Deity mode, with a large map, seven civilizations, and barbarians set to restless tribes (anything lower than this setting will decrease your overall score at the end of the. A barracks (for the healing civilization 2 trade strategy capability) and of course city walls are a must. The only problem is if you're not ready to take advantage of these - you can be sure the other civilisations will be! Camps and Plantations only yield additional Gold when improved whereas Mines and Quarries yield additional Production (a much more important resource thus the opportunity cost of settling on a resource that requires a Mine or a Quarry is much higher. Build whatever buildings/units you want, but make sure to set research to Pottery, followed by Writing.

Pyramids is made obsolete by the fact that the best strategy for growth is gaining We Love? 1-2: About the unofficial Civilization 2 Strategy FAQ Welcome.2 of the Unofficial Civilization 2 Strategy FAQ. You can also steal one from a city-state or civilization 2 trade strategy an enemy civilization. If you hit a science Ancient Ruin and you get a needed technology, squeeze in Writing for Libraries. Dont let this discourage you. You have to beeline Currency, otherwise you risk an AI getting Petra. Diplomacy Colors Editor, view all, what Curators Say 39 Curators have reviewed this product. Don't worry if someone else beats you to Apollo Project or Manhattan project because you get all the benefits anyway! These rights are temporary and revocable upon written, oral, or other notice by Edward Kenworthy. Do not be afraid to steal Workers from city-states or AI opponents early in the game. Strategy for Duel Maps with Lots of AI Players Edit More than a complete strategy, because as always there are more possible ways how to play and win a game in Civilization V, there are some very useful tips to play on very small maps.

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Chapter*13 Revision History Having had my hard disk smoke on me 13 seems an appropriate number for this section. Age of civilization 2 trade strategy Civilizations II goes through the whole history of humanity, Age by Age, beginning in the Age of Civilizations and leading into the far future. It is important to get the Trade tech pretty early, so you can use caravans to beat the Ai at making WoW's. (And there's a bug, at least.06, that means you take the blame if someone violates a treaty with you! Seriously, this is the absolute most critical wonder in the game. Ideally your starting position would be isolated on an island thats big enough to support your soon to be empire.

Best if you have a lot of AI enemies, like 7 or more. "Another strategy concerning the Great library is to destroy it! The fee is about half the price of a paper traditional strategy guide. Useful for civilization 2 trade strategy taking out marauding stacks of enemy units. Improving tiles that can become Farms is equally important as this will significantly boost food.

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2-11-2: Nice To Haves King Richard's Crusade, Oracle, Copernicus's civilization 2 trade strategy Observatory, Magellan's Voyage, seti project, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Cure for Cancer, United Nations. Edward Kenworthy claims NO responsibility regarding any illegal activity concerning this FAQ, or indirectly related to this FAQ. Also, every city will immediately get the 20 Production from railroads as soon as you research the technology, as well as an additional 3 Production and 1 Culture, Food, Gold, and Science if you adopt the Five-Year Plan and Party Leadership tenets. Do not deviate from this if you can help. Build the maximum structure, minimum life support etc and maximum engines and fuel. After that complete Tradition and transition into your mid game plan. It's worth getting Masonry, if you have Marble, because its passive bonus speeds up production of classical Wonders. By submitting to the FAQ, you grant permission for use of your submission in any future publications of the FAQ in any media.

If you pursue the Liberty policy tree, be sure to unlock the policy that grants an additional Worker and 25 faster tile improvement speed, as this will help throughout the game. The advantage of a settler unit at this stage is it will decrease your population by one. Chapter7: The Late Game : Wonders of The World You really should be a Democracy in the late game - otherwise you're going to fall badly behind in production and technology. 2-1-12 Paratroopers The computer makes extensive use of these. If you are able to get the best tiles, then you can build a lot of them. They will be under the file name 'civ2sfaq?' where '?' is the version number of the FAQ. I've never scored over 200 (basically because I declined to use the various "cheats" in Civ (goody two shoes!) but did regularly score over 100 on Emperor. Theyre a waste of time unless youre so far ahead you dont have to care. 1-5: Acknowledgments Microprose Studios for making this great game. 2-11-7: Specific Wonders : The Great Wall If you have the Great Wall - remember to prepare for it's obsolescence.