empire total war trade strategy spain

Other trade ships are the Spanish Galleon, and the Maratha and Ottoman Dhow. Part of that money comes from exporting the tea that it makes, and is shown by the tea leaf in the bar. So usually the scarcer a resource is, the higher its price. You need to build up your economy just so that you can muster huge armies and fleets and overwhelm your armies. Great Britain as great britain, your strength lies in the navy, without it, you will have very lttle income and next to no trade, therefore, i recommend you have a larger then normal navy, and prioritize tech research on naval. if you focusing on america, there is two tactics i recommend, invading the thirteen colonies, and take over philadephia and boston, this will allow you to recruit a fair bit of troops. Last level of Industrial building, for example the steam-powered cloth mill will enhance your national prestige as shown in the screens above. The answer is simple: You sum up all of the modifiers, apply it to your income and voala!

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The year is 1783, and the region contains the capital, a global trading company, a college of divinity, 2 steam powered cloth mills, and 2 steam engine factories. And in India, they control Ceylon. The Enlightenment Tree is split into three major branches: Research/Education, Political Ideologies and Economy. Each trade theatre has 5 trading zones, and all the zones in each theatre produce the same kind of product. So, to take advantage of a trading port, you must first put a ship. Other Income You get a basic income of 3000 that you can think of as the King's Purse. Indiaman, Fluyets and Galleons The upkeep costs of the Indiaman have been kept minimal so that having this type of trade ship in the trade nodes is cost effective. Certain techs in the Weaving and Metal Working branches will also decrease the costs of recruiting armies and their upkeep.

You control French Guyana which produces spices for you. The Treasury minister affects global tax income, trade route growth and empire total war trade strategy spain Region Wealth Generation in home theater. Sweden as sweden, you priority is russia, again, be as swit as possible, conquering norway is easy, and it has a fairly big income too. However, upgrading mines will increase unrest for lower classes. As for land trade lane raiding, again as France, you have trade partnership with Spain. Trade, trade routes and profits, so lets start with trade. However, if the region that produces resources for you doesn't have a commercial port or isn't adjacent to a region of yours that has a commercial port then all the resources produced will not get transported to Paris. In mid-late game, Wealth can be contributing to over 50 of your regions' income and giving you a comfortable treasury to work with.

empire total war trade strategy spain

Napoleon Bonaparte, you get this" from time to time on the loading screen of E:TW, and it pretty much sums the philosophy of E:TW. You can know what type of trade lane you have or will get by hovering your mouse over the icon in the diplomacy screen. I have tried to remove any suggestions or personal remarks and views from the previous sections, empire total war trade strategy spain and put them together here. However, in most cases, population growth is negative or null in the first few turns as the farming facilities are underdeveloped and you need some techs to increase their efficiency. Most resource plots will give you an option to build one of two resources. The first priority should be to develop your starting regions to the maximum level possible given the research techs you have. They are not made to withstand a battle against any sort of military fleet, so they will require protection from your navy. The source of taxation seems obvious your cities. On the other hand, the additional gold per turn then goes on to make another town wealthy.

empire total war trade strategy spain

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In diplomacy, you have the option of demanding a payment for several turns as part of a treaty. Sometimes it might be more economically beneficial to get rid of a great minister with many stars because of a bad trait or two. Spices stored in French Guyana will not help your empire total war trade strategy spain economy if you cannot deliver it to your trade partners' markets to sell. Spain with spain, your start with a horrible king, hence, try and remove him asap. While you are setting your tax policy, you will notice that you have two bars of five slots for the two taxable classes. Once a town is wealthy, it doesn't gain any more to its region wealth. Great britain also starts of in a very good position in europe, nearly no AI will land on your english shores. You have to worry about the logistics of securing your trade resources and ensuring that all of your resources are being delivered and sold to your trade partners. As shown in the screens, a low yield farm will contribute 375 to income, while an Abundant yield farm will contribute 600 to income. Empire: Total War 2008 Creative Assembly. On the other hand, a fishery doesn't add anything to town wealth growth, while a trading port adds 3 to town wealth in the region per turn. So if you were making 5000 out of Austria each turn, and Austria gets blockaded while your ports are free, you will be losing these 5000 entirely.

empire total war trade strategy spain

To start, they control Amsterdam, their only European holding. Wealth Generation in a region is simply PWG NWG. Switching to a save in which I control the entire East Indies with 10 Fluyt's on each trading port, we'll inspect it somewhat further. To encourage population growth, you'll have to decrease the taxation levels for the lower classes so that towns would emerge and you can build structures required to develop your regions. To face the industrialization penalty, the best thing to do is to switch your government type to a Constitutional Monarchy. The Military barracks offers you a maximum of 3 bonus to tax income in the region and only 1 repression which makes the region's income less efficient and more difficult to maintain happiness. If focusing on america, conquer the regions france start with in america, and conquer the iroqouis and cherokee, then move onto conquer the carrabean, eventually, you will own a lot of money fairly quickly without much problem. This won't be a long lasting alliance, they will usually backstab you, but still, when you are allied with them, you will be fighting the iroquois. Roads appear to be able to support as many trade routes as they connect. The Army minister will offer discounts on both land army recruitment costs and upkeep costs. Having two tier-1 commercial ports in Paris will give you a total of 4 trade lanes. Westphalia, same as above, if you enter a war with UP, they will usually help. Ministers and Government Each minister has a number of stars next to their portrait that reflects the minister's effectiveness in his current office.

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You will notice in the description of the government building that each tier or level will give you a certain modifier for taxation. Multiple trade routes mean that you aren't keeping all your empire total war trade strategy spain eggs in one basket. You also have some minister traits or followers that effects tax rate. We'll start though by taking the three Indiamen in the East Indies and seeing what they produce. Tax level 5: NWG -32 -1.2(PWG). This tip also applies to any other faction.

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In the region's window, you get the total value of wealth of a region in the total income row, and as you can see, wealth is an actual amount that you benefit from through taxes. The last type of industrial structure is available in a very limited number of places (Palestine). Wealth is generated or lost each turn depending on several factors as can be seen in the region wealth generation panel. After two turns, the logging camp, gold mine, and gem mine are finished, allowing us to look closer at the taxes for this region. The branch we care for in this guide in the Economy branch, which is the rightmost branch in the tree. Town wealth growth depends on starting wealth of the town at 1700, the type of structure you build, and the technologies that you have researched as some of them affect town wealth directly. Line Infantry vs Militia Never recruit Militia. A very simple example that you can see as early as 1700 is Spain-controlled Cuba. Use them to take over UP if possible, savoy, genoa, venice and papal state/italian states. The income generated by a farm depends on its upgrade and yield. That's because now you have a direct land route between Paris and Amsterdam, and the trade port in that region is a tier-2 port which offers 3 extra sea trade lanes. So, brand new game, Brandenburg consists of Berlin, the capital, a college in Magdeburg, a weaver's cottage in Potsdam, a trading port in Rostock, a farm in Lusatia, and a farm in Mecklenburg. Income generating structures would give you higher income the higher the level of wealth of the town.

Each of those techs will give you extra region wealth growth that can help you have a huge wealth by early-mid game that can exceed the sum of the remaining income sources. PS: another good way to avoid open war with austria is giving them a tribute for 20 turns, if you give them a 1000 tribute for 20 turns, they usually won't attack for that period. Personnally, i find sweden very straight forward, you can easily balance between attacking and economy, without dedicated too much on one or the other. So always try to build industrial buildings in wealthier towns, and keep schools and cultural buildings in the poorer towns. That means not only you have to control and secure the point of origin to protect your trade, you also have to maintain your trade lanes free from piracy and raiding by enemy fleets.

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Each level of farming facilities you construct will give a higher boost to population growth and will give higher income in your regions. For example, in Paris, you have empire total war trade strategy spain multiple ports from the get-go at year 1700. At 1700, most regions have underdeveloped villages that will grow into towns, and the growth rate is penalized by high taxation of the lower gentry. This can be either land trade lanes or naval trade lanes. Securing Trade Controlling and producing resources alone is not sufficient in E:TW. Keep an eye on lower classes unrest as advanced industrial buildings will increase their unhappiness. That means you can have three separate tax policies, one for each of the theaters: Europe, Americas and India. Government vs Military Building In most regions, you have the option of building a single structure in the capital. One trade ship produces 20 pounds of spices. This is much simpler to implement when you invade a region.

The Industry Tree is split into three major branches: Farming, Weaving and Metal Working. Eventually, move into conquering spain's possesions. The Weaving and Metal Working techs will allow you to construct bigger factories and to increase the efficiency of those factories in producing income and wealth. In the trade panel, you'll see the whole trade lane in red with an "x" sign over the icon. Now for taxes on empire total war trade strategy spain the Nobility. Then try and conquer finland. Another kind of blockades that you have to keep eye on is your trade partners' main commercial ports. As discussed earlier, town wealth growth is extremely important as it constitutes a big part of your taxable income in mid-to-late game. Jean Jacques Rousseau, in earlier Total War titles, the amount of taxes you made was proportional to the population you have in your regions. Tax level 3:.4(234) 133. I will go into this more near the end.

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In an Absolute Monarchy, you get a 5 discount on recruitment cost for land units. Raising taxes to the maximum would gain us 600 gold this turn, but we would be loosing 27 gold per turn from the region wealth. If there is a direct land route from your capital to your trade partner's capital and all the regions in between are controlled by either one of you, then trade will be conducted overland. If you pick the second one, who in my opinion isn't as good, again, invade the ottomans. To get a closer look at how towns affect this wealth, Ill bring up another game that I had running. A very poor global trading company adds 1000 to region wealth. Usually the head of state is the one who gets this trait or follower, but sometimes a minister will have too. If you build a weavers cottage on a town that is very poor, the weavers cottage will only bring in a few hundred gold.

Lets move on to the other source of money - Taxation. Ceylon starts with a major city, a rice farm, a gem mine, a tea plantation, a port, and a village. And now, to look at late game Brandenburg, in the year 1783. Peace then war, or war then peace. I have written this guide on the Trade and Taxes element of Empire: Total War this part of the game is more important than ever in comparison to previous Total War games and is, infact, the lifeblood of your empire.

For each turn that you have a trade route, you also get a bonus to the wealth of that trade route. So always keep the number and level of commercial ports consistent with the number and level of your plantations. Research Tech Tree was introduced in Empire for the first time in the Total War series. The two options you have are either Government building or a Military barracks. Defending Regions and maintaining happiness As your empire expands, your big and experienced armies will be on the borders of your empire or fighting in the colonies, leaving the core of your empire more or less undefended. While this may not seem like much in the early game, late game it really have added up - by turn 160 the bonus from trade between Great Britain and the United Provinces had accumulated to 20,000 empire total war trade strategy spain more gold from that trade route. If not, they invade austria. Hence there can fight with britain, leaving your navy mostly untouched.

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Without adjusting the tax slider, taxes are set at 32 for the Americas. You can basically trade with any nation that you share a border with, and if you have a commercial port you can also trade with any nation that has commercial ports even if they are on the other side of the world. Another aspect of importing resources to your capital that should be checked on is the capacity of your commercial ports. Franklin wise", and leave the first part to your battle prowess. After which, bild forts in northern finland, to stop the swedish from advancing to much. The higher the taxation level is for the higher classes, the higher is the penalty to town wealth growth. Each region has a capital, and every capital has a government building. At this point, the region has a bit over 5000 gold as its region wealth. Again, the trading port gives a 9 per turn to town wealth in the region. The tea plantation starts out producing 15 chests of tea per turn, and the port allows that tea to be shipped to Amsterdam. Plantations also have a certain yield.

The reason why CM is effective is that in a CM you tax the nobility and the middle class, not the lower class. Tax level 1: NWG -2 -0.1(PWG). So the richer your protectorates, the higher this value will. OR you can try you luck with quebec. Raising taxes would do the opposite. Each adds 9 gold per turn to town wealth. Each region has a capital, and whatever empire total war trade strategy spain nation controls the capital will control the region and benefit from its income. At the moment, Brandenburg has a region wealth of 30996 gold, and a town wealth growth of 129 gold. Tax level 4: NWG -16 -0.8(PWG). TIPs: - choose which theater to focus on, if europe, you will most likely lose most american possessions.

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More trade routes generally mean more wars that your trading partners are. In America, they control Dutch Guyana and Curacao. Each region has a certain income as explained earlier, but in the game you don't get the whole income generated by your regions. At the start of this game, tea is worth 11 gold per chest, which means that we can snatch a profit of 165 gold from those 15 chests of tea. The key minister is the treasury minister, as one of his effects is the global tax modifier. The Government type you have also affects some aspects of your economy. Strategy Home, land Battles, naval Strategies, campaign Strategies. This value is a multiple of three: 3, 6, 9, 12 and. In addition, to talk about town growth and town wealth growth a little more in depth. Tax level 4:.8(234).

Plus the ottomans start with a weak and outdated (or oldfashioned) and somewhat useless army/navy. The ratio of profit-to-cost decreases immensely when you recruit Fluyets and Galleons to be your trade ships. On the other hand, raiding is also a great resource of income if performed by you, and any amounts that you will be making out of raiding will be shown under the misc/other income section. This income depends on the type of industrial building, the level of the industrial building and more importantly on the town wealth, as the higher the wealth of the town, the higher the income will. A balance is always preferable, so if you can have both classes taxable at the same rate while having a positive wealth and population growths then by all means empire total war trade strategy spain do that.