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Generally speaking, a trade secret under both the Virginia Uniform Trade Secret Act and the federal Defend Trade Secrets Act is any information, including a formula, pattern, compilation , program, device, method, technique, or process that (1) derives independent economic. Small business owners and entrepreneurs alike must take great care to protect sensitive and proprietary information from being disclosed in order to benefit from the protection afforded by the California Trade Secrets Law. Maintaining trade secret protection in Virginia is not necessarily difficultit merely requires proper legal planning. This potentially causes much risk in pursuing or defending against trade secret-stealing former employees, competitors, and other thieves. . Bottom line: protect and enforce your trade secrets.

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Reverse engineering is an example of conduct that a court will generally view as lawful in Virginia. Before you get to that point, however, take heed to the following: Identify Trade Secrets, businesses should identify what information is considered a trade secret. There are a few steps you can take that will protect your trade secrets and the livelihood of your business. Your business can enforce a trade secret subject to appropriate protection in Virginia after someone misappropriates the secret. Stamp all paperwork and files that contain secret information with a stamp that states Confidential or Secret. This confidential information, called a trade secret, is subject to protection in Virginia by both the Virginia Uniform Trade Secrets Act and the the newly enacted federal Defend Trade Secrets Act. Any information that derives independent economic value by virtue of its secrecy should be kept secret to the best of your ability. A Virginia law firm knowledgeable in trade secret law can help your business protect and enforce your trade secrets.

Documenting these procedures will be key to later proving trade secret status in court. Have a procedure for on-boarding and off-boarding employees that ensures that information is kept secret. Confidentiality, Non-Compete, and Non-Disclosure Agreements. A trade secret is defined by a statute known as the California Uniform Trade Secrets Act (the Act).* The Act defines trade secrets broadly; it includes formulas, patterns, compilations, programs, devices, techniques, or methods that derive their actual. Disable USBs on all of your employees computers. In other words, the owner of the information must take reasonable steps to keep the information secret. Have a clean desk policy that ensures that your employees do not leave secret information on their desk when they leave their desk and when they leave for the day. In Virginia, an action for trade secret misappropriation provides you with a remedy beyond a simple contract breach (for instance, a breach of a confidentiality agreement by an employee since the Virginia code and the federal Defend Trade Secrets Act (an extension. The above steps will help you ensure that your trade secrets are kept secret and will protect your business. They will help protect your sensitive information from misappropriation and ensure you take reasonable steps to keep trade secrets, secret.

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How can I stop trade secret misappropriation in Virginia? Do not overlook the protection of this valuable information. Employees, independent contractors, and other persons with access to the information must sign an appropriate non-disclosure agreement or confidentiality agreement that will withstand scrutiny in a Virginia or federal court. Take Precautions during Hiring, when hiring from the competition, a company can fall into the cross hairs of a trade-secret enforcement action. What is a Trade Secret? Trust me, you do, and they are. However, courts generally define reasonable steps as those actions which an ordinarily prudent person would take under the same set of circumstances. Many businesses are faced with employees having access to their confidential information and data that they do not want to see being shared with a competitor. Now that Texas has enacted the tutsa, hopefully many of the protections built in the law will help positively address these ongoing concerns and encourage trade secret owners to protect their proprietary information in a proactive way.

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Share the secret information only with the employees that need to know. C 10-3095 PJH, 2012 WL 2061520 (N.D. A breach of a confidentiality agreement or acquiring the secret through corporate espionage are examples of an unlawful act that will support trade secret misappropriation in Virginia. How can my Virginia business maintain a trade secret? This blog is specifically for business owners. If the owner can prove they have taken these reasonable steps, they have the opportunity to seek civil remedies for any misappropriation of their trade secrets. In a recent decision by the United States District Court of Northern California, the court indicated that reasonable steps include, but are not limited to, advising employees of the existence of a trade secret, limiting access. In fact, failure to guard against misappropriation of trade secrets can ruin a business. Ultimately, the owner of the trade secret must be able to demonstrate, preferably through documentary evidence, how each and every trade secret is maintained as a secret. As the ultimate determination of whether information constitutes a trade secret will be case specific, businesses should be able to demonstrate measures taken to safeguard trade secret information and should clearly identify such information as confidential. Texas passed a new law called the tutsa that will be discussed in detail later that is a boon to small business owners because it provides increased protection and secrecy during trade secret litigation. Trade secrets are valuable intellectual property for your business. Learn how to protect them in Virginia.

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