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The Social Element Read The Social Element Review Open to US and worldwide. This is also an industry that finansonline forex can pay well, especially if you forgo content sites (such as the ones below) and work on finding private clients that will agree to the rates you set. You might be great at this if you know your way around social media networks and forums, have ever been in an admin position for either your own business pages/accounts or moderated for a forum, and you know. If the position is open, youll see it under Data Verification Clerk. Upload a resume and become visible to Hiring Managers and Employers. See more ESL tutoring sites with open jobs here. Has data entry sort tasks available on occasion. Pay rate is not advertised. Ttec Read ttec Review This company was formerly known as TeleTech. You must have a CPA to be considered plus three years of public accounting experience. However, search engine evaluation in the traditional sense involves analyzing queries that regular people like you and me might type into Google or Bing search and then determining the best possible results to match up to that query.

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Apple Read Apple At- Home Advisor Review Open. Experience preferred, but not required. If you work from home jobs not sales can prove your expertise in a certain field, then you may qualify to do this work, although for some it's just extra money here and there. Pay is around 11 hourly. Shutterstock Read Shutterstock Review May be open worldwide. Payments are made via Dwolla. One link will take you to the review of that company, and the other will take you directly to the page you need to sign. Tigerfish Read Tigerfish Review Open. This position is location-based. Paid Experts You can work from home giving your expert advice on various topics to people who need. Many more question/answer paid expert sites here.

You must have at least 25 in your account to get paid, and you can choose from mailed check, bank transfer, or Paypal. You get to choose your rate. 3PlayMedia Read 3Play Media Review US only. Academic Test Scoring Another flexible non-phone option in the educational field is test scoring. I've kept each summary brief, but made an effort to include who can apply, pay rate, and how and when these companies pay where that info is available. Must be a native English speaker with a Bachelor's degree or higher. The list of things potential clients might need done for them is endless writing, graphic design, social media management, internet research, answering emails, etc. This popular stock photo company has occasional work from home jobs not sales openings for remote image reviewers, where you determine which submitted photos should make it onto the Shutterstock website. Ibotta Sometimes Ibotta has a data entry position open, but it is only open to people living in Colorado. Pay varies depending on the assignment, but could range between 10 to 25 or more. Postmates Read Postmates Review Become a Fleet delivery driver for Postmates and get paid for deliveries of all kinds of items.

Compare Salary Information to see where you stand amongst your peers. Translation work may be an option for you if you bilingual or multi-lingual with great grammar work from home jobs not sales and spelling skills. Seeking reviewers for both English and Spanish titles. I would recommend doing more than one of these if you really want to make it worth your while. Scribie Read Scribie Review Open worldwide, no experience needed. Cambly Read Cambly Review Webcam tutoring.

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Must have a bachelor's degree. According to Glassdoor, this job pays around 12 hourly when it is open. You take home 100 percent of what you earn and payments are made weekly or cash out when you want instantly. Pay starts out at 10 hourly, but opportunities for advancement and higher pay are available. . Get paid monthly with Paypal. GMR Transcription US only, no experience needed.

Pay depends on your star rating when you apply. One thing to keep in mind with these jobs is that the companies above will have strict NDA's to sign. Get paid bi-monthly with check or direct deposit. Pay is per piece. Formerly known as Zirtual. Pays between.0025 per word and.0050 per word. M Read m Review US only. then you may be able to do work for some of the companies below putting those non-phone skills to work. Pay may be between 10 and 20 hourly depending on the project. If you are a fast and accurate typist who doesn't mind repetition, you might excel at data entry. This is informal tutoring you're mostly doing social chatting. Worldwide 101 Read Worldwide 101 Review US and.

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OneSpace Read OneSpace Review Open worldwide. Short Tasks Short tasks are often just extra money and rewards, but it's something a lot of people do to fill in the gaps between other types of work from home jobs. Cass Information Systems Data verification and data entry work. Project-based work equivalent to 10 to 30 hourly. Translation As a translator, you would be converting one language into another language via either spoken word, written word, or audio. Cactus Read Cactus Review They offer highly specialized freelance editing work regularly. Social Media Moderators Managers Social media work from home jobs not sales managers and moderators are in charge of managing forums and social media platforms for businesses and/or people who need the help.

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Get paid once a month with direct deposit. WriteScore on the other hand requires just a two-year college degree. According to their website, many earn 23 25 per hour. Pay is 12 19 / hour. Are You Looking For Even More Remote Jobs? Pay and other details are under wraps workers are required to sign an NDA, so it's hard to find many details online. As thanks, you'll get a list right now of 15 companies currently hiring for work at home. Check out more short task sites here. Once you are signed in, you can search for data entry to see the data entry short tasks that might be posted. If you're serious about starting a freelance writing business and would prefer to avoid the lower-paying content sites I work from home jobs not sales listed above, you can get a free no-strings-attached list of 200 writing niches and sub-niches from Gina at Horkey Handbook. Pay is 1/2 cent per word transcribed. You can get paid once a week via Paypal.

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Get paid once a month via check or wire transfer. It explains what your expectations should be prior to pursuing a career in this industry. We have a list of more companies that hire work at home moderators, and some additional general information on doing s ocial media work from home. If you're very focused, pay lots of attention to small details, don't mind repetition, and have impeccable spelling/grammar skills, then you might excel as a work at home transcriber. Afraid you'll dive into transcription, not really knowing what you're doing? Lionbridge Read Lionbridge Review work from home jobs not sales Open worldwide. Pay rates range between.4 cents to 7 cents a word. Experience may not be needed. Verbal Ink Read Verbal Ink Review Pay is per audio hour, experience is preferred.