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Selling short lets you profit when Bitcoin drops like a rock. Two connected points is not a trend, its a guess. You have to stock algorithmic trading strategies get absurdly lucky to win this trade. You see, Bitmex has major advantages over traditional margin accounts. Now the question in your mind is, why would I ever want to get liquidated?

The cryptocurrency trading bible two

Life is a river. Of course investing in projects and companies has deeper societal value than the roulette wheel but that doesnt change one simple fact: When you put money into the market its not because youre supporting the company out. Stop looking for tiny short term patterns, especially if youre just starting out. Wrong is losing money. Finally, to achieve the probability of one ace in four rolls, the number of the rolls should be increased fourfold. The term has a negative charge. This turned cryptocurrency trading bible two out to be a false breakout and the coin went right back into its long, slow slide.

Writers call it black and white insanity. Sometimes, with alt coins, the Mex price is so out of whack with the spot price that you cant hope to make a profit on a single trade so its not even worth entering even if youve. When cryptocurrencies joined our economic environment, they were misunderstood, and many buyers made a lot of mistakes due to many misconceptions and lack of knowledge. The exchange figures that out through a process called funding. Heres a breakdown of the math behind diversification of your assets from a course at NYU on Elementary Portfolio Mathematics. This is a massive mistake. Theres a reason I am not sharing the modified formula with you. Well use round numbers in our examples to keep it easy to understand. Once you rake in a 40 gain the pleasure chemicals in your brain explode across your skull making you high. And thats where it gets interesting. Some basic patterns from Steven Burns. For now though, forget the math.

There is no room for lying to yourself. Youre doing it because you hope that youll get more money out than you put. Its the the battle ground of samurai and ninja and only the strongest still stand after the swords stop swinging and the blood and dust settle. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Nothing matters until you put skin in the game and risk your own cash. It requires constant reassessment. This is binary thinking. Starting with the basics, here is the complete information about the pump and dumps of the cryptocurrencies along with the future of this technology.

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On one hand weve increased our chance at maximizing gains but weve also increased our total risk. You want more, so you rush back. Hayes set out to recapture the glory days of trading when he quit his lucrative and safe job as a traditional equities trader. When someone tells you to diversify your assets and dont put all your eggs in one basket theyre talking about how to deal with the fact that some of your guesses as you gamble in the market will go against you. The other way this manifests is when there is no clear pattern yet but you find one anyway. Maybe it works once or twice. Nobody gets the top and bottom exactly. Perfecting Portfolio Management One of the most important realizations youll ever come to in trading is that your strategy doesnt matter cryptocurrency trading bible two as much as you think and your risk management matters a hell of lot more than you think. If you cant predict anything or make a good decision from what youve charted, youre wasting your time.

It tells you the coin can go in just about any direction. In fact, forget the rest of the course for now. When to trade and when to stop. In this audiobook, you will learn: What cryptocurrency really. Lets look at an alternative way to calculate the 1 rule, which allows us to take bigger bets on any give trade but still protects our portfolio from catastrophic loss. Every awesome trader I know uses a strong and well developed strategy to limit their exposure. Photo credit A bit about me: Im an author, engineer and serial entrepreneur.

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That means you can sell and more importantly sell short. Where theres risk, theres reward. Theres an old saying in the ancient Chinese game of Go: To get good at Go, lose your first hundred games fast. Theres two ways to make sure you never get liquidated: Use stops Dont use too much leverage First, stops should always sit well above the liquidation price. Some days there are just no trades to make. Thats what makes this game so wonderful and maddening at the same time. When you hear about some guy or gal whos up 1000 in two months you can rest assured they will be down 1500 the next month. The heyday of making big money in the regular markets is over.

The Cryptocurrency Trading Bible Two: The

We can do that with a stop loss again. There are winners and losers, blind chance, luck, skill and more all bound up in trading. I see crazy stuff like this all the time on Twitter, usually with a LOT more green fan lines. But it kept coming up again and again. Risk management is a thousand times more important than cryptocurrency trading bible two your trading strategy. Thats an entire category in and of itself because while it has completely random aspects, it also has a human variable because you can bluff even when the cards went against you. Then one day you wake up and realize youre the blind leading the blind. Liquidation is the price where you lose 100 of what you risked on a single trade. If you start digging into the any of the Bitmex support documents I linked to your head is probably spinning.

The Mex price can work for you or against you. Disclaimer: Be a big boy or girl and make your own decisions about where to put your hard earned money. In particular, a market stop loss in cryptocurrency trading can deliver a real blow to your trading career. You can also stop by DecStack, the Virtual Co-Working Spot for CryptoCurrency and Decentralized App Projects, where you can rub elbows with multiple projects. Believing its something other than what it is hurts your decision making.

Try to connect three or more points. But really, what doesnt that apply to in life? Most of the patterns are total nonsense. Because of that you bought your BTC 3 higher than the spot price. The problem is one of belief. That is not very good. Its only by doing that we learn anything in life. You might correctly predict Bitcoin is going back to 15,000 but since nobody has a crystal ball it could hit that in Dec 2018 or Dec 2019 or Dec 2025.

Heres the cryptocurrency trading bible two deal though, those strategies suffer when you start using a lot of leverage. Chart 8:. With all that said, most of the traders I talked to didnt bother playing with the more traditional Futures Contracts. Lets say youre doing a quick scalp trade to try to make 5 on a big expected move. Hit Reddit or 4Chan but dont bother asking me because youll only get the cold shoulder. The second problem is that you need to keep finding new assets so you can get all of your money into the market and that means you have to find lots of winners and that actually starts. Chart 6: BTC tried to break out of its slump several times, popping above the top of the downward channel but each time it fell back into the channel. The funding rate gets calculated by combining interest and the premium/discount rate. Its one or the other. If you risk too much, you risk wiping out your entire portfolio.

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And that was the last I thought about it for a bit. This is the first break of the pattern. Check out this course from Baby Pips on elementary patterns and indicators. Its totally free forever. Notice how it fluctuates outside of the average for long periods of time. You need a perfect risk management strategy. Im always looking for a coin to fall out or leap over a sideways channel.

So I might have ATR. It wont be long before youre out of business with that cryptocurrency trading bible two kind of result, especially if you got unlucky and your winners only returned something like 3 total instead. Some people refuse to believe it but that doesnt change. But no matter what strategy you use, probability will make you better. The same can be said of the game of the markets. All of that gives you an edge over a pure dice roll. That massive green candle is almost always the end of the bull run. Mex pulls their pricing data from equal parts Bitstamp and gdax, though theyve pulled from Poloniex in the past. They trade constantly and they come very close to the current spot price. Chart 11: Dash broke two upwards trends (the green lines it slashed through) on its way down. If you have any questions please contact. The opposite of margin of error is trying to catch a trade after one of those rocket run ups. Over time the flips of the coin should average out to 50 but on a shorter time line it can get wildly out of whack.

The private Turtle Beach channel, where coders share various versions of the Crypto Turtle Trader strategy and other signals and trading software. If you need a refresher on math symbols or never studied them at all than I recommend the book Mathematical Notation: A Guide for Scientists and Engineers. How many assets should you own at one time? It will come crashing down again. Other traders I knew were still calling bullish. Sideways channels are the most challenging. The higher you go, the worse it gets. The most basic pattern to look for in trading is when the market has bombed so bad that people are panicked and a coin channels down for a month or more or drops big time fast and loses a huge amount of its value. When there is blood in the streets, you should be happily buying. If you have dozens of assets they will start to blur together into an ugly average mess, dragging down your winners even though your losers got averaged out. A perpetual contract lets you hold onto your options forever if you want to hold onto them. Its not easy but it can be done. Lets say we made 10 on the two trades that went well and lost 1 on each trade that went against.

I racked up brokerage fees, made almost no money and made myself sick with worry doing. We learn by doing and if I do it for you, you wont learn a damn thing. Well, almost all. The same is true of upward channels. Give yourself and the world a chance to go crazy. They have success rate of about 5 over a coin flip. Its the mark of stupidity. You will find following things in this audiobook: An easy guide to blockchain technology and the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading, the details of the ways to get cryptocurrencies and the safe methods of saving them. That takes it out of the realm of totally random chance and gives you an advantage versus other games. All the elite traders I knew loved. Binary thinking is literal insanity. You can modify the formula to fix that but youll be hitting Excel every time you place a trade.