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Trade Tab Here you can place manual trades as you see fit. Here you are given an e-mail template that may be easily sent by providing your contacts e-mail addresses, as well as direct links to popular social media websites so that you may easily invite your contacts. Scroll below to Broker Account Settings section and check your account connection status: If your Account Status is Connected to Broker, it means that your Broker Account has been automatically connected to your ZuluTrade account, so you are ready to start trading via ZuluTrade. You can also change the value of the Entry price, which specifies at which rate each pending order will be executed. For more details, please look at our Affiliate Program Guide. It basically calculates the potential profit your account could have with trades of specific Traders, executed under different parameters.

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Reverse feature is available on the Custom Settings per Currency, by clicking on the pencil icon. Once you have entered the information you wish, simply click on OK and the trade will appear either in your open positions or pending orders accordingly. In theory with these settings you should receive all trades your Traders will send you, and the size of each one will be 1 lot. Trader opens a third sell EUR/USD trade, the rate is now.3095 (-5 pips difference). After a Trailing Stop is set, it is updated automatically as described above without the need to remain logged in the account. As its calculations also consider the selected Traders past performance, it calculates the most pessimistic scenario based on their worst results so far. First you need to select the parameters under which your account would be trading; starting balance, leverage and base currency. This way, you will have saved the initial drawdown of 20pips made by the Trader - so if this trade ends up with a profit of 10 pips for the Trader, it will have a profit of 30 pips at your account! In order to open a Live account with our revolutionary trading platform, please visit our website and click on the. Once you select the Trader you wish to add to your portfolio, you will have to specify the number of lots per trade and the maximum number of trades you wish the particular Trader to open in your account. Maximum Open Lots This setting refers to the total number of lots that can be opened, including any pending positions at any one time in your account.

Are entirely broker-related and as such it is only the Broker of your interest that can clarify them for you. Tell us about yourself, fund your account, start trading. You can amend the automatic settings later on at the Advanced Mode / Settings page of your account. If you enter 3 in Max Open Lots, you may receive indeed up to 3 trades x 1 mini lot each. The EA Builder tool offers a full set of trading features including (i) technical analysis, (ii) money management, and (iii) time functions. It is these people who are the real source of your business, and it is of equal relevance that they are located and identified. If you do not have the Broker Account Username and Broker Account Password available, then please contact your Broker as they can remind/reset them for you unfortunately, ZuluTrade does forex investor account not have access to this information and thus cannot provide. Setting up your Portfolio By pressing the Setup my Portfolio button a pop-up Wizard will appear simply follow the steps of the Wizard according to your needs and preferences, set up your Portfolio and start autotrading! Invite Tab From this tab you can invite other users to the ZuluTrade platform and earn commissions based on their trades. Finding and seeing the right kind of people is the climax of the whole thing due the fact that its what gives the data its credibility and importance. Of course you can always see your brokers exact rates either from the Trade tab at your ZuluTrade account, or directly from your brokers own platform.

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As a result, no more trades can be executed in your account or placed under your pending orders tab, so any trades/orders placed by either Trader will not be executed, until one of the already open trades or pending orders is closed. In addition to creating a Traders portfolio, you will need to customize your portfolio settings (simple and advanced). If you enter any value in this field, you will not receive any Limit signals from the Trader (unless the Safe Limit option is selected). Here you will also find the same functions as in the Positions tab. The best investor leads are quite crucial in getting numerous investors in the forex market, stock market, mutual forex investor account funds and the binary options. Please click here for more details.

This means that you will be solely responsible for closing these trades, as well as setting Stop/Limit; the only thing the Trader will do is open the trades. Please note that after you have added currency pairs as mentioned above, all the changes made to this table will be saved and forex investor account retrieved when you log back in the next time. A few typical examples are: if PnL from Trader X is less than 1,000 then send me a notification email and lock all trades if realized PnL of my account is more than 1,000 then close all profitable. If you do not check it, your own custom setting will always take precedence over the Traders limit setting and actually overwrite. You can of course close down open trades manually any time you wish. Step 3: Setup your Accounts security opt to enable ZuluGuard and safeguard your invested capital. Remove Trader On the left of each Trader there is a bullet checkbox if you wish to Remove a Trader from your portfolio you need to first click on the bullet checkbox to select the Trader and then click on the Remove Trader button. Please note that after your have updated the Stop or Limit, any subsequent Stop or Limit updates will be received normally at your account according to your settings. ZuluGuard monitors each Traders trading behavior and automatically takes action when a radical change in his trading strategy is detected.

However, any remaining open trades or pending orders that the Trader has placed in your account will remain there; you will still receive a Close Signal if the Trader broadcasts one for these already Open Trades/Orders, as well. Max lots setting was.0, total open lots of trades orders were.0 Top iii. Bank Account Here you may fill in the details of your bank account in order to request your commissions from live accounts that have registered in ZuluTrade as a result of an invitation from you. Margin Call-o-meter Based on your custom settings, equity, leverage and the selected Traders past performance, the Margin Call-o-meter tool will calculate the risk of exposing your account and approaching a Margin Call. Please note that if you disable your account, any remaining open trades or pending orders will remain in your account; you will still receive a Close Signal if your Traders broadcast one for these Trades/Orders, so as to safeguard and. The Public Profile page also works as an affiliate link, so that you may earn commissions from any live users opening a live ZuluTrade from this page. Registering for a Live account with ZuluTrade. Please make sure you click on this box after amending your Settings, as if you navigate outside the webpage before clicking on it, any changes you may have made will not be saved.

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From there you can manage your Personal details, forex investor account your Public Profile, your Password and set up ZuluTrades notifications. In order to do so you need to input your Broker Account Username (numbers only) together with your Broker Account Password (MT4) and click on Connect Broker Account. Stop: Here you can enter the maximum number of pips per lot you allow the trade to lose before it is closed to prevent further loss. Note: To maximize the protection of your account, Fixed Stop may be used additionally to the Trailing one, only when Conditional Stop is selected. Lock Trader: This function enables you to receive only the opening signals of Traders, while opting out from any subsequent updates or closing signal. If for any reason your account fails to connect, please make sure you are using the correct MT4 Master password.

Notification Email additionally with the Capital Protection scheme, you can choose to receive a notification email whenever your Used Capital reaches a certain percentage of the Capital Protection amount you have set for your Trader. Of course, you can add this Trader again to your portfolio at any given time. You may change forex investor account the current market price by deselecting the Market box, thus enabling you to place a different market price, which in turn will create a pending order. You are also able to filter economic events by selecting the timeframe, impact as well as currency. Comparing Forex Robots, this is a comparison between three of the best solutions for trading with Forex Robots in the market. You can review the Performance Fee on the History tab of your account.

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So although they may be handy for studying the market, the exact rates displayed may differ from your brokers rates. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC. By clicking on the current Stop value of the trade, you will bring up a popup window where you can amend the current Stop value. Why Forex Traders use Forex Robots? Max Open Trades: The maximum number of trades the Trader can open at the same time.

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This also includes pending orders. Please note that it is not possible to update your e-mail address from this tab, but we can change it for you with a simple e-mail request. Trades that will appear at a brown background are also open in your account; in this way you can easily compare whether you and your Traders have the same trades open, and monitor whether you have missed. The Margin Call-o-Meter in Custom Mode calculates risk based on the pessimistic scenario that your selected Traders may execute in the future the worst drawdown recorded per currency simultaneously, whereas the Risk Meter in Auto Mode is more optimistic and considers. On the other hand, Profit sharing accounts are destined exclusively to copy-trading through ZuluTrade Platform. Depending on each case, you will be redirected to the brokers website and given instructions on how to proceed and fill in the requested information accordingly. If you wish to place a manual trade, simply click on either Buy or Sell for the pair you wish to trade with; a popup window will then appear. You may also close down all trades from each Trader by clicking on the Close All button on the far right of each Trader. Profile Tab By clicking on your Photo or your Name, you will be transferred to your Profile tab. If your Broker account is compatible with the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, you can confirm whether your account is properly linked with your broker when you first log into your ZuluTrade account.

Please note that parameters such as minimum deposit for account opening, account trading size, leverage, base currency etc. Learn more, account Opening FAQ, what markets are available to trade? 50 pips then you will not. By default the system will reproduce Sounds in order to alarm you for opening and closing positions, but you may turn them off from the relevant button Sound: On/Off. Notifications Here you can change your preferences for different notifications that ZuluTrade may send you.

As in the case of manual trading, Forex robots can place a take-profit and a stop-loss order or even a trailing stop-loss order. In this case you will see the indication Your account is disabled and not receiving new or update signals; close signals will be received. These are trades that have been assigned different market values of the current market value of the given pair, thus they will not open in your open positions tab until that value is reached. The actions ZuluGuard can take are: Close all Trader's trades Disable the Trader Replace the Trader with a higher ranked one (an email will be sent to you to approve the replacement and activate the new Trader; please. As per our affiliate program, you will be receiving commissions from any live account registering via your link. To the far left of every trade you will notice a plus sign by hovering over with your mouse, the following trade details will pop up: Trader and Broker Ticket (essential IDs for contacting ZuluTrade about the specific trade. Top Max Open Lots: The total number of lots the Trader can open in your account at the same time, from all trades and orders. From here you can make the exact same changes that you can perform on your Positions Tab, with Stop and Limit updates, and cancelling the pending order before it becomes a live trade. Here you can set a monetary amount so that in case the Trader has a total PnL that reaches your Take Profit value ZuluGuard will step in, close the Trader's positions and disable the Trader from your account. History Tab Here you will find your full trading history, with all the trades that have opened and closed in your account. We'll email you to make you aware of resources to help develop your trading plan.