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The current figure seems to be mind-boggling, because in the year 2010, Bitcoin s market capitalization was merely 42,000. However, the most popular method is looking at their market capitalization. Following most accumulation phases, comes a mark up phase, where the value of the asset increases significantly. Over the last few months, crypto traders and analysts have been ranting and raving about an apparent alt season, that saw the price of many altcoins double in value. Name, price 7d 24h Change 24h Volume, marketcap, supply, marketshare, watch. As cryptocurrencies, they both rely on similar cryptographic principles, and they both garner a similar community and image. Merchants can accept the transactions instantaneously without waiting for a confirmation. (See also: Guide to Common Crypto Terms ) Summary Its common to hear many within the community question about the feasibility of investing into altcoins whenever theyre in a sea of red (falling in value). Litecoins Cryptographic Algorithm Welcomes Beginners The most obvious difference between these cryptocurrencies is the Proof-of-Work algorithm. But essentially all coins generated a profit. Community Sentiment 1, bitcoin 129,507,843,868 7318.,695,625 BTC 29,220,098,141 2, ethereum 20,642,510,956 194.,034,846 ETH 12,782,475,410 3, xRP 13,444,191,744.,991,633,428 XRP 2,473,834,462 4, bitcoin, cash 6,433,769,754 361.,777,688 BCH 4,194,610,685 5, litecoin 5,538,410,459.,735,686 LTC 6,191,269,277.

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Or should you just hold. No matter how hard Harvey Dent altcoins may try, even their technical superiority cant beat the popularity of the Batman Bitcoin, and in the end Bitcoin will likely end up in every sequel, while Litecoin is killed off due to lack of popularity. Litecoin: At Depth The two cryptocurrencies may seem similar. You might also be interested in A Guide To Fundamental Analysis For Cryptocurrencies Beginners Guide to ICO Investing: How to Participate in ICOs Enroll in our Free Cryptocurrency Webinar now to learn everything you need to know about crypto investing. Don't have an account? But it all hinges on what Bitcoi n decides to do, as the altcoin market cap appears to be held back by Bitcoin dominance. EOS 5,054,755,293.,011,272,951 EOS 4,213,843,566 7, binance Coin 2,991,828,007.,175,490 BNB 276,596,022 8 Tether 2,782,480,311.,220,057,493 usdt 28,020,840,850 9 Stellar 1,971,803,676.,962,402,034 XLM 402,409,649 10 Cardano 1,924,415,843.,112,483,745 ADA 206,463,255. However, they both set out to accomplish the same thing: transfer value using cryptographic principles. Bitcoin dominance was close to falling below 50 for the first time in 2019, however, the recent Bitcoin rally caused dominance to surge, and altcoins to fall. Scrypt is more accessible for new miners, and it was designed to be less conducive to custom hardware solutions such as in asic-based mining. Its market cap may be a tiny sliver of cake compared to Bitcoin s 45 billion. Prices are approximated to the nearest dollar, while the total value includes your initial capital.

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Which cryptocurrency is better? Bitcoin and Litecoin have some slight technical differences. The above analysis justifies the reason for doing. So, Litecoins price simply isnt as attractive as Bitcoin s, although it has increased altcoin vs bitcoin market cap significantly over the past few months. There is increasingly development that hinders the easy-access mining Scrypt was partially designed for.

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Choosing which coin would be the most profitable in the short or long term can be extremely hard. In the top 10 list, only 2 altcoins had a lower rate of return than Bitcoin, which were Augur (3.6x) and Maidsafe altcoin vs bitcoin market cap (3.8x). Bitcoin 7,057 -5.55 8,024,996,838 124,867,439,838 17,694,400 BTC 59 2, ethereum 188 -6.41 4,138,414,295 20,087,613,220 106,025,340 ETH 10 3, ripple.3267.06 1,222,897,369 13,523,467,304 42,133,310,721 XRP.41 4, bitcoin, cash 358 -4.64 2,228,160,066 6,343,049,683 17,776,500 BCH.00 5 Litecoin 86 -7.51 3,135,684,875. Table of Contents, history of, bitcoin, in 2009, Bitcoin was launched by Satoshi Nakamoto as the worlds first crypto-currency and it became an imperative name in cryptocurrency. Here are the 2 scenarios: Option 1: Investing in, bitcoin, embed this image on your site! Despite all this, Litecoin has made good progress in recent years and is still fairly relevant in the crypto community. Wall of Coins, BitQuick, and LocalBitcoins are the biggest cash to Bitcoin exchanges and neither one of them supports Litecoin. Username or E-mail, forgot password? Home altcoins bitcoin. One more thing worth noting is that an extensive user network is essential in the crypto community.

Alternatively, imagine if you had invested all of that 10k into. This algorithm has similar features to SHA-256, but Scrypt has a more serialized calculations. Augur (REP) Initial Price: 5 Current Price: 18 Profit/Returns: 360.6x your initial capital Total Value of Your AugurToday: 3,600. Bitcoin is the Crowned King Thanks to Its Network Litecoins efforts to make mining more accessible to everyone are a notable gesture that speaks volumes about the Litecoin community. Litecoin (LTC) Initial Price: 4 Current Price: 55 Profit/Returns: 1,300 or 13x your initial capital Total Value of Your Litecoin Today: 14,000. Cut trough the clutter, discover the best cryptos. The Bitcoin competition for mining is fierce due to technical innovations such as the asics, as well as the sheer amount of miners. The discussion not only discusses, bitcoin and Litecoin individually and against each other, but also pertains to a more complex debate over what it takes for a cryptocurrency to become successful.

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Its important to note that transactions technically occur instantaneously on both Bitcoin and Litecoin networks. Bitcoin since it will surpass every altcoin in the future? Bitcoin is Batman, Aragon, and Goku, while Litecoin is Harvey Dent, Boromir, and Vegeta. However, it also pigeonholes itself into a altcoin vs bitcoin market cap niche. Exchanges Every crypto exchange supports Bitcoin, which means that Bitcoin is by far the easiest cryptocurrency to buy. Ethereum has developed nearly 10x that of Litecoins market cap in a short amount of time, and knocked Litecoin down to the #4 market cap position. Litecoin technically has a superior algorithm. The current accumulation phase, according to the chart, which covers off on the last five years of total altcoin valuations by market cap, is the longest on record lasting 260 days. Litecoin rally, have painted double digit gains. The code is open source. Throughout the history of the cryptocurrency industry, Bitcoin has remained the dominant player, and it is the standard cryptocurrency that most users and platforms prefer. Altcoin, market, accumulation Phase Continues, Longest on Record. Get our exclusive e-book which will guide you on the step-by-step process to get started with making money via Cryptocurrency investments!

Ethereum (ETH) Initial Price: 10 Current Price: 300 Profit/Returns: 2,900 or 29x your initial capital Total Value of Your Ethereum Today: 30,000. Google Trends data showed a surge in interest in, bitcoin s brethren. Bitcoin was launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto as the worlds first crypto-currency, and is the clear poster-child for the crypto-community. . So why are we talking about Litecoin? . Waves (waves) Initial Price:.30 Current Price:.55 Profit/Returns: 1,083.83x your initial capital Total Value of Your Ripple Today: 11,830. The Litecoin network cannot exceed 84 million coins. Monero (XMR) Initial Price: 6 Current Price: 90 Profit/Returns: 1,400 or 14x your initial capital Total Value of Your Monero Today: 15,000. Sure, Bitcoin s price can still be incredibly volatile, but while a mere 1 billion loss would decimate Litecoins market cap in half, Bitcoin would need a crash of 40 billion in market cap for effects to be just as catastrophic. Alt Season Hasnt Started Yet, Mark Up Comes altcoin vs bitcoin market cap After Accumulation. (Read more: Guide on Identifying Scam Coins) It is important to note, however, that the introduction of newer coins coupled with cryptocurrencies extreme volatility may result in a change in the current market situation; the top 10 cryptos. With Option 2 however, youd have around 194,730. Litecoins relevancy is debatable. Most exchanges support Litecoin, but not all.

NEM (XEM) Initial Price:.004 Current Price:.2 Profit/Returns: 4,900 or 49x your initial capital Total Value of Your Ripple Today: 50,000 Total Value of Your Top 10 Altcoins Today: 194,730* *Prices derived from Coin Market Cap from October. Nonetheless, with some research and most of all, patience, chances are youll do well if you invest in some decent altcoins and hold them for a while instead of panic selling and berating yourself for not buying Bitcoin instead every time your coins dip. Send us your email, we'll make sure you never miss a thing! Bitcoin Altcoins Investing, bitcoin vs, alt Coins Returns: This article provides a comparison of the performance. However, it still remains the largest digital currency by share of market cap. Its important to note that many companies have recently brought Scrypt to the market, suggesting that it ensures easy accessible mining. Name, market, cap, price, circulating Supply, volume(24h). Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee, an MIT graduate and former Google engineer, to appeal to miners who could no longer mine Bitcoin because their CPUs couldnt compete with asics. The surge in pricing across low-,mid-, and high- cap altcoins has caused many to claim that an alt season was in full effect.

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Scrypt, however, is not immune to the innovation. Litecoin currently has roughly 54,2 million coins in circulation, and Bitcoin has about 16,7 million. Get qualified for airdrops, sign Up, rank. Launch Date, january 3rd, 2009, october 7th, 2011, creator Satoshi Nakamoto Charles Lee Max Total Coins 21,000,000 84,000,000 Protocol Proof-of-Work (PoW) Proof-of-Work (PoW) Algorithm SHA-256 Scrypt Average Block Time 10 Minutes.5 Minutes Block Halving Every 210,000 Blocks Every 840,000. Think of it this way: Bitcoin and Litecoin are both good guys, but Bitcoin is the main protagonist and Litecoin is the inferior supporting actor. If the altcoin market truly is in the accumulation phase still, despite many skyrocketing in value, what comes next might stun the world in terms of profit-generating growth. Theoretically speaking, if Bitcoin nears its maximum coin amount first, then Litecoin may pick up altcoin vs bitcoin market cap more traction with traders purchasing into Litecoin in order to avoid the Bitcoin volatility. This is assuming that you invested in the top 10 altcoins a year ago without doing any due diligence; just simply picking the coins which are the biggest in size according to their market capitalization. Litecoin: Comparing Two of the Most Popular Cryptocurrencies. Litecoin loyalists cling to the fact that Litecoin is one of the only high-value value-exchange alternatives, and they claim that people could shift towards Litecoin in the unlikely case that any of Bitcoin s potentially problematic features like its. Litecoin tech is arguably better than Bitcoin. Litecoin additionally took a hard jab in the gut in early 2017, when Ethereum exploded onto the scene.