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If you are on the fence then I hope you at least send Andrew an email and talk to him. After finally making the plunge and forking out the money, I still had my worries, and wasnt sure if Id made the right decision. This is definitely the best 400 I have ever spent for trading purposes. I have been amazed no deposit forex trading account how actuate the Pivot Points have been. . I believed that the more indicators I used, coupled with graphical tools such as bollinger bands, moving averages and trend lines made me a better trader. I really enjoy them, and will continue to attend. Naturally as a complete beginner to forex trading, having gone through the course notes and while testing the system out on demo, I had a hundred questions I wanted answers for. All I know is that you have simplified the complex and I know that IF I had followed the rules and waited for a confluence on events on the trades I lost then I would not have lost any of my trades. This taught good trading philosophy as well as good risk management and was useful, as well as taking another Trend Following course from a well known podcaster, this was also good, but again I was missing the ability to put a successful trading approach together. Keep up the great work guys!

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Andrew's course has given me the logical and consistent approach that I had not been able to quite find myself. Add to that, the live trading webinars that happen every two weeks and the daily trade suggestions that Andrew posts, the steep learning curve has not be steep at all! I recommend that all traders practice drawing pencil lines. . I know because I started in the futures market after college in 1977 and I've seen all the others who bloviate, fell victim to the preditors early in my youth, and learned the only way to succeed. How refreshing in this business. . I have invested in courses with no indicators and trading very infrequently waiting for those A to come along, but I always felt something was missing from the jigsaw of trading. Many top bankers delivers an average of 15 a year, consistent. I really enjoy your daily AM review which is most informative and find it fascinating to see if my interpretaton of the charts matches yours! . Of Amman, Jordan offers praises for our course: "I read your system twice and I get it! Robert Torres, individual results may vary. I have been hungry and you guy's are feeding my thirst for true trading knowledge.

I have a tiny little account I play with that is only 200.00 but it is fun and hopefully will grow over time. I have not had a net losing day now for over 3 weeks. FxST has gave me a whole new way of viewing the market and approaching my trades. Just an interesting anecdote: dont know if my conclusions are true and it doesnt matter. I signed up at the start of 2017 and this month will be my 5th profitable month in a row. BUT, it only works if you trade by the rules and be consistent. The course provides what I feel is great value for money. (So i see majority feedback to the course but not by a user only from.) (4) Mr Andrew Mitchem give me a great confidence and answered me that : Yes!

Overall, I am very please I have signed up for the course and consider it a great investment in myself and my future. But Andrew doesnt stop there he backs up his training and ensures that you get all the support you need to get you trading profitably without paying out hand-over-fist for each new bit of the puzzle. The course is laid out very simply and its very easy to take. What Andrew has taught me has actually reinforced my own ideas about the way the markets should be traded which mainly is that price action is king. Thank you for making the world of Forex Trading a safe place. Why did forex trading testimonial I tear up? There is no need to mess up with multiple timeframes analyzing or checking dozens of this and that. I signed up for Andrews course and I can tell you that its value far exceeds the cost. You are right on Peter.

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Maybe I could give it a go?! Those organised rules with proper money management gave me consistent result in trading forex. Price oscillated in a 2 or 3 pip channel before it dove down @ 03:28 CDT. But with the mindset and trading philosophies emphasized by Andrew, it can really help you tackle that giant. I trade only the safest method, on the pullback for better RR ratio's. My live and my families life will be significantly better because of you.

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Michael Ebbah Individual results may vary. Andrews course has so much to offer. That is an 89 increase.5 months. You must take this course with no doubt the tools presented will let you learn and reach success. On the journey of becoming a day trader, I kept seeing other traders just barraging and hawking their favorite indicator, and although they may give good buy/sell signals, they dont really capture the whole picture forex trading testimonial that is trading a dynamic market. The training itself is excellent. They throw together some garbage system and sell it only to pad their own wallets. I do find it amazing how price reacts to the pivot points.

I thought I would never trust any one again. If this has scared you, then FX is probably not for you; if not, read. But i stick to the rules. I thank god every day that you were placed in my life! I feel like you are in my house coaching me personally everyday! . Your system has changed my trading from consistently loosing to consistently winning in a short period of time. Well for me if a person sprooking his stuff is willing to answer calls personally, not hiding behind a website and be willing to show personal interest and Accountability for his Teaching and Methods then that's not. So I thought Id share it with the Beta Members. However the money that I made is somewhat immaterial because what I want to put over, is the the confidence that you have given me together with outstanding contributions from Rick, Cheryl,Duncan and other membersto trade the forex using logical.

Apart from the course material, there are now weekly live interactive webinars with Q As during and at the end. I have been a student of Andrew's for about 14 months. There is all basic information needed to get touch in forex. Thank you all so very much for your hard, hard work. . Regards, Andrew Platt" Scot. When you hear about a trader making twenty million a year, theres a good chance his starting capital was at least one hundred million, so dont be disillusioned into thinking that this isnt a great trader.

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I have taken two previous courses that were also good, one in 2009 that was a pin bar method. So why should trading be any different? You will not come away from his training and not understand. His course has opened my mind up forex trading testimonial to more of the simple things about forex trading. Andrew is very responsive. Thank you for your course material and the professional way in which it is presented. Even if you do not know anything regarding Forex trading, it will guide you in the right direction. I'd like to personally thank Andrew and Paul for a great learning experience so far.

Should you every require a testimonial for your excellent course and back up services, please do not hesitate to ask. Add to this that I can follow Andrews daily trades as an additional teaching tool and that he is so accessible he has replied to all my questions within a few hours and I truly believe that. After the mentoring from Andrew, it almost like having a third eye to the markets. It has turned out to be an excellent e best thing about this system is its simplicity as an earlier poster has already pointed out. He showed me how to enter and exit the market with forex trading testimonial 3:1 or more.

Html2, ive been trading for the last few yrs but never felt I had the traders edge that I kept hearing about in terms of consistent results and a an exact plan to work towards. This is most definitely NOT a take your money and run course! And short term movements) and also only passive trading for extra safety. Happy trading everyone I have been a student for about a month now and I must say Andrew is top notch with his teachings. On Saturday the 28th of August 2010 I had I days paid tution with Andrew Mitchem, and have benifited form his ongoing support since, consistant profits have been made since this time, or in other words, the goods have been produced. Really feel bad and sad when wipe out my account everytime.

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BUT, i did not join the course instantly! A little background: Ive been trading Forex for a number of years, on and off and like others have been saying, you get your moneys worth. This isn't a system that will let you get your account in trouble even if several trades in a row go against you. You have already changed my life and I am sure it will still change in the future, due to me using your system. Over the last few weeks but I have learned so much and its been the most enjoyable experience.

Monetarily, it definitely. All up, I started to make gains, and was slightly profitable, but before I got to that point I blew two accounts, got scammed a couple of times and all up, its probably cost me as much as obtaining a university degree would have. It is worth going over at least twice to make sure you have a good understanding of how to apply the strategy properly. Thank you again Peter." Lavana. ;-) Your methods work because they are tried and true.". The (daily) video commentary is just too good, and I must say it's an extra, extra effort by all of you. Andrew is very open and easy to talk tohe provides daily suggestions for trades and gives good back up support, The main benefit for me is that he teaches a good daily trade strategy that if traded with the all.

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Allan, Auckland, New forex trading testimonial Zealand, 7th February 2010 The main benefit for me is that he teaches a good daily trade strategy After spending 4 years trying to learn a variety of different systems and failing badly. Im very excited about this, as I look forward to helping other traders. There is a wealth of education on his site, condensed into bite sized chucks (video and reading material) so it is easy to absorb. Of Manly, Austrilia recently wrote: "Hi Peter, thank you for all the information you send trough your emails, it is amazing. Andrew is anything but a forex system salesman he doesnt need to be! And my goal is to be a successful full time trader.