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Brian Krogsgard: Yet if you look at a lot of coins now, they could be done 80 and still be overvalued because of the significant cooling-off period. They're always working on cool stuff. Brian Krogsgard: How do you bring exchanges on to participate to this? Who knows what the hell Ethereum is? I think you bring a lot to the space, and I'm thankful for you coming on and spreading across a lot of topics today.

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What kind of lessons for those types of people do you think you've been able to come up with? It's a known thing. Clay Collins: Oh, my God. Clay Collins: All that stuff and tracking their behavior before you even have an email address or some sort of identifier. What's your basis for doing such an in depth series like that? Bruce Fenton was on your show, who's a big Ravencoin guy. I come from a development background. Brian Krogsgard: And cryptocurrency historical price api they make millions of dollars too.

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Companies like SendGrid that handle smtp email, companies like AWS. We are a high-quality, one-stop-solution market data provider for cryptocurrency markets. That's a good question. cut more assets." " exchange_id "bitstamp " website "t " name "Bitstamp Ltd.", " exchange_id "poloniex " website "m " name "poloniex", " exchange_id "coinbase " website "m " name "gdax", ". . Clay Collins: Usually they've filed as a sort of a Reg D fund or they're usually regulated in some way, so they're not just playing with their own money. There are plenty of people that would say JavaScript is garbage, but it is number one.

M is his website. All CoinAPI data is standardized. And you responded to me in like record time and it required y'all to potentially build a new feature and you're like, "Yeah. February, august, september, october, cryptocurrency historical price api november, december 2017, january. Can someone else like Netscape Ethereum and become Chrome or whatever else?

But the hard thing there with crypto commodities like Filecoin is it doesn't matter how much utility value exists. February, august, september, october, november, december 2015, january. So we have paying cryptocurrency historical price api customers. Brian Krogsgard: Do y'all do data repair? But having come from the event business, I bet they're just doing better than break even. That's the Lindy effect. Brian Krogsgard: There's just a lot of effort going into people trying to call a dollar a dollar in crypto, which. We'll just mark it as a zero and then we'll backfill. He's the co-founder of Nomics and m the website for that.

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It doesn't necessarily matter, as long as that's what people keep building on, and the developer ecosystem builds around. So archiving all of these dead coins, all of these markets that have expired, we want to tell the story and the history of what was happening when all of this started to come onto the scene. We are a market data infrastructure cryptocurrency historical price api company since our creation in 2014 and provide trade data, order books and aggregated data (ohclv, vwap, count). Would that be from there and higher or lower the bar? What kind of people do you charge if I can build something like m for free? Because when you think about like, "Hey, where are people trading crypto?" You hear the same stuff, right? So if I sold something and it's gone down since then it'll tell me hey that was a good sell because it's gone down since then. And that's what we're focused. Thanks for doing that. They have some really great stuff going on right now because they just released live order books and depth charts. They had payment data in something like Stripe and they had information about what webpages people are visiting in a place like Google Analytics.

But then as the space exploded about every single year, the number of martech companies doubled. What pages they visited, what emails they've opened, what webinars they've attended, what. And there's a lot. So we cache the hell out of our endpoints. The transaction volume is there. For more demanding integrations requiring real-time market data streaming, we have access through. Brian Krogsgard: I am curious. I really think there's something to that. And then add to that order book data.

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They don't have candlestick data. We're a centralized company. Somebody may be listening to this and they might just say okay, so you want to provide data for hedge funds or for traders or people that want to build something like m or they want. Full disclosure: I work at Kaiko. We were looking at an exchange the other day that had a market called USD. We have no idea how this data might happen for an open source. Other exchanges do things like. One of the things that makes sense for me is that, if an exchange doesn't want to support every little app and everybody that wants to come and ping their systems and deal with them and all. I needed to weave a narrative through it and then I need to write a narrative, which means I need- Brian Krogsgard: So you backed your way into this whole documentary. It's weird for me, and I guess maybe that's why the market's inefficient and why we're seeing these drastic swings is because we're trying to figure out what is something like the 0x protocol worth?

It's fast, it's free and you can sign up and get. CoinMarketCap in particular, if you're building something really baseline where you're okay being somewhat right limited and you're gonna go cash all that, you can get stuff like 24 hour volume on a coin or you can get. It's not something that most people have the stomach for because it's slower at first, but it pays off in spades down the road. I think what's difficult about that is the switching costs. What else do you imagine in terms of being able to fit into your ecosystem? So that was something else that y'all were looking to add and now people can use this to build something just like m or they can use it within a trading strategy if they want to do automated trading or pretty much anything else. I just can't see any- Brian Krogsgard: Yeah, I think in that example it was something related to the hack that they had and it was just a hot mess. If you can stand up three endpoints, pretty simple endpoints, we can give you a heck of a lot of exposure. Perhaps this is overkill for what we have right now, but what we're intending to build is the data backbone for the new financial world, for the open financial system. API project where he's really looking to be the data layer for crypto and for maintaining the history of the price of any crypto asset previously and going forward. So we wanted to create a super professional lightening fast.

cryptocurrency historical price api

On top of that, we're giving all their customers candlestick data and all-time-high data and all kinds of different market feeds and stuff. Clay Collins: Yeah, so maybe it isn't fraud. But let's say 0x becomes the way to create a cryptocurrency historical price api decentralized exchange, just because their protocol's that good. You have a grand vision of the future it seems. It's not token based or anything like that. You can construct everything. Sometimes we get a little insight when we do onsite visits and stuff like that. In New York, in Times Square, that's my prediction. I think a second thing is that. So folks found themselves sort of originating a place where everything was in their CRM or everything was in their email service provider, to a space where they had to open. I wanted to have you on just to talk about what you're building with Nomics. The combined long-tail of the network effects of the tokens built on Ethereum is just truly outstanding, where none of them individually on their own maybe have world-changing network effects just yet.