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E-Lance - Freelance working using the Internet to sell services or goods anywhere in the world. A system in which a yearly budget for a department in a company starts at zero with no pre-authorised funds, and the department has to justify its budget requests. Perfect Competition - Describes a market in which no one trading strategy performance evaluations can influence prices because there is enough information about a product to prevent control by an individual or a single organisation. Double - In the film and TV industry, a person who stands in, or is substituted, for a principal actor. Typically, but not essentially, the whistleblower is or was employed by the organization concerned, or becomes quickly unemployed or at least suspended. From Greek: Stenos (narrow) and Graphie (writing) Sterling - The basic monetary unit of the UK,.g. Mortgage - A loan acquired from a bank, building society, etc., with which to buy property or land, usually to be paid back with interest over a specified number of years at regular monthly intervals. National Brand - A brand or product which is available nationwide rather than a local brand which is available in only one area of the country.

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Get All Your Ducks In A Row - A term for getting organised, having everything in order and making sure all the small details are accounted for before embarking on a new project. (See aida in sales training materials) A-list - A list of the most celebrated or sought-after companies or individuals, especially in show business and entertainment. To enlist military personnel. Third Party - A person or organisation not principally involved with the other two parties but who has an interest in an agreement or contract. Benefits Realisation - Also Benefits Realisation Management, or if you prefer the US English it would be Benefits Realization. Typically large projects are established as being separate to usual operational duties and responsibilities of workers, although any job can at any time be extended to include responsibility for the management of a project within.

Router - A device which connects at least two computer networks and sends data from one to the other. Limited Liability - In law, the owners and/or shareholders of a limited company only lose the amount they have invested if the company gets into debt. This process weeds out unsuitable applicants, and successful ones go on to the next stage of interviews. A Deed Of Partnership is not compulsory but it helps to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes in the future. Z-Score - Developed by Dr Edward Altman of New York University in the 1960s, a measurement of the financial health of a company which predicts the probability of the company going bankrupt. A company's marketing strategy which involves assessing the performance of competitors in order to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Affiliate - A company or person controlled by or connected to a larger organisation. Sneakernet - Humorous term describing the transfer of electronic information, such as computer files, by physically taking the disk, cd, etc., from one computer to another.

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The term grey market extends widely and includes notably the substantial availability of products which have been diverted from one international marketing territory to another. Contract Of Employment - A contract between an employee and an employer which specifies terms and conditions of employment, such as hours to be worked, duties to perform, etc., in return for a salary, paid benefits, paid holiday, etc., from the employer. When the total purchase price has been paid the customer can then take delivery of the goods. Pecking Order - The hierarchy in businesses, organisations, etc,.e., the order of people at different ranks. Larceny - The crime of unlawfully taking someone else's recover binary option deposits using ethical hacker property or money.

A piece of music, art, etc., which is unfinished but may be available for viewing or listening. Mob is actually a shortened version of the full Latin phrase, mobile vulgus, meaning excitable crowd. Factory Price is often"d by retailers or in advertisements to show that products are for sale at a very low price. Standing Order - In the. In investments, the price paid for a share, security, etc., plus brokerage fees, taxes, interest due to the seller, etc.

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Logos - The relevance and strength of the message content. From the Luddite rioters of 1811-16, who in defence of labourers' jobs in early industrial Britain wrecked new manufacturing machinery. Dolly - In the entertainment industry, a piece of equipment on wheels which allows the camera to move smoothly for long walking shots. The show relaunched on radio in 1950 as "The 64 Question" and ran for two more years. This product was associated with 'Yuppies'. Fulfilment has an entirely different meaning in the context of human emotional wellbeing, in which it refers to feelings/situations of personal happiness and life-balance, achievement and wellbeing itself, without stress, pressure or other negative effects. Four-Colour Process - In printing, the use of four ink colours - yellow, magenta, cyan and black - which are combined together to produce the whole spectrum of colours. Settlement Date - Term used to describe the date by which shares, bonds, etc., must be paid for by the buyer, or a sold asset must be delivered by the seller. Economic Life - The period of time during which an asset,.g. Examples of 'black swans' are events such as the September 11 attacks on the US by al-Qaeda; the 1986 Chernobyl disaster; and the 2008 global financial/credit collapse.

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Open Offer - Also known as Entitlement Issue. Modem - From MO dulate and DEM odulate. Sometimes heuristic thinking is helpful; other times not. In the US, a system displaying over-the-counter shares, which is published every day. The term force majeure is French, meaning loosely 'superior strength'.

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The opposite term Dystopia, was devised two centuries later. Sell Limit Order - An order to a stock broker to sell a specific number of shares at or above a specified price. Laicisation - The defrocking of a minister or priest. Popularised in the late 1990s by viral emails which listed amusing office terminology. An hotel who provides a service to guests, such as handling luggage, delivering mail and messages, making tour reservations, etc. Market Leader - A company or brand which has the highest sales of a particular product. Tariff - A government tax on imported and exported goods. Product life cycle is often shown as a graph of sales volumes or market-share over time. The original sense is from the Greek word meta, loosely meaning 'with' and arises now commonly as a prefix in computing and communications terminology, for example referring to meta tags (increasingly 'metatags within website or computer code, which. Shoulder Season - In the travel industry, the time between high and low season. Concept recover binary option deposits using ethical hacker - A thought or notion. Cookie - On a computer, coded information that an Internet website you have visited sends to your computer which contains personal information, such as identification code, pages visited, etc., so that the website can remember you at a later time. The profit being the difference between the cost of issuing the money and the face value of the money.

recover binary option deposits using ethical hacker

VAT - V alue A dded. This compares with the main alternative method, CPI - Cost-Per-Impression (or 'cost per view - by which advertisers pay according to the number of times an advert is displayed/viewed, and which is used analytically/statistically beyond electronic advertising. Many of the tactics are hardly noticeable, and target groups will commonly not perceive remotely that their actions and attitudes have been influenced at all. Compromise Agreement - Euphemism for a 'Gagging Clause'. Knowledge Worker - Also known as recover binary option deposits using ethical hacker an Intellectual Worker. E-Currency - Electronic currency.

Deflation is broadly the opposite of inflation. Guru - An influential teacher or an expert in a particular subject who shares their knowledge, often by writing books. Off-the-Charts - Something way below or way above normal expectations. Recession - The decline of the economy of a country (or other region) over a period of time, resulting in increased unemployment, reduced productivity, reduced GDP (Gross Domestic Product falling household income and livings standards, etc. To make neither a profit or loss. An ochlocrat is one who advocates or participates in mob rule. Fungible - Describes goods or commodities which can be exchanged for something of the same kind, of equal value and quality. Frictional Unemployment - Unemployment of people who are temporarily between jobs, changing careers, changing location, etc. Code-Sharing - An arrangement between different airlines in which they all agree to carry passengers on the same flight using their own flight numbers. Phishing - A type of fraud carried out on the internet by sending people legitimate-looking e-mails asking for their personal information, such as bank account details, passwords, etc., and using them to steal their money. Financial Equity - The ownership of interest in a company, usually in the form of shares.

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See nudge theory, which explains the power of inertia in decision-making, and potentially acceptable use of such techniques, for example organ donation automatic opt-in. Profit Squeeze - A situation in which a company or business makes less profit over a period of time because of rising costs and/or falling prices. The recessions in the US and large parts of Europe following the 2007/8 global financial crisis might easily be interpreted as similarly long-term and ominously L-shaped recessions. Tax - A fee imposed by a government on personal or corporate income, products, recover binary option deposits using ethical hacker services, etc., in order to raise revenue to pay for public services. USP - Unique Selling Point/Proposition. See Cost-centre, which tends only to be responsible for internal services and supply to other departments. An additional tax on something already taxed,.g. Given these criteria, certain types of businesses do not make naturally good lifestyle businesses, because they imply/require a more burdensome degree for one or a number of the features listed above. In ice-skating, the jumps called Axel, Lutz and Salchow are named after figure skaters Axel Paulsen (Norway Alois Lutz (Austria and Ulrich Salchow (Sweden). Dark stores typically contain similar warehousing/shelving/aisles arrangements to conventional retail stores, but store staff physically pick the products, rather than customers. Share Index - A list of certain companies share prices, which can be compared on a day to day basis,.e. A lot depends on the interpretation of the term 'Business name'.

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To give something back to its rightful owner. The small size of the print became a practical necessity to accommodate the volume of contractual detail included in most legal documents, but has long served an ulterior purpose of ensuring that most contractual 'small print' is never read at all. Junk Bond - Also known as High Yield Bonds. Business activities, including illegal activities, which are carried out without government approval or regulations. Solvent - Having enough funds to pay all your debts. Principal - In finance, principal (the principal, or the principal sum/amount) refers to an amount of money loaned or borrowed. Product Life Cycle - This refers to the (generally very usual and unavoidable) stages that a product/service passes through from invention/development to maturity to decline until it becomes obsolete, usually because it has been superseded by competitive/replacement offerings, and/or. A loan which has attractive terms for the borrower, such as low or no interest rates and/or a long repayment period, often made by banks to developing countries. Unlisted - Refers to company whose shares are not traded on the Stock Exchange. Capital Outlay - Money which is spent for the acquisition of assets, such as land, buildings, vehicles, machinery. Often the wrong-doing is directly or indirectly a consequence of inadequate corporate governance. Commission - In finance, a payment based on percentage of transaction value, according to the local interpretation of value (e.g., based on total revenue, or gross profit, etc).

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Inheritance Tax - Also called Death Duty in the. To overestimate the capital value of a business. The bank is responsible for collecting payments for exported goods, so that the exporter can borrow money from the bank before the goods have been paid for by the customers. While Stockholm Syndrome chiefly and originally refers to hostage situations the term extends to other forms of 'traumatic bonding not necessarily dependent on a hostage situation, more broadly describing the somewhat counter-intuitive tendency among certain folk for strong emotional connections. Consumer Watchdog - An independent organization that protects the rights of individual customers and monitors companies to check for illegal practices. Currency Bloc - A group of countries that use the same currency, for example the Euro. White papers tend to contain elevated and technical language and to adopt an official tone, so as to appear expert, wise and authoritative.

Credit Rationing - When a bank or recover binary option deposits using ethical hacker money lender limits the amount of funds available to borrowers, or interest rates are very high. Both are widely used in press and public relations communications. Pharmaceutical - Relating to or engaged in the process of making and selling medicinal drugs. Levi jeans are named after Levi Strauss, the US businessman who co-registered the original riveted design and begain producing the eponymous working jeans in the late 1800s. A wireless technology which enables computers, mobile phones, video games, etc., to be operated by using radio frequency. Drayage - The fee charged for, or the process of, transporting goods by lorry or truck. Walking Papers - Also called Walking Ticket. A test carried out after people have read a newspaper, magazine, etc., to see if they have remembered or read a particular advertisement.

recover binary option deposits using ethical hacker