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Generate a New Passphrase. Your coins are now swept to your coinomi wallet and are visible within a few moments. When can you claim your Bitcoin Cash or Gold? Help Debug window, step 8, click. Now from these wallets, take out your seed words. Step 1: Transfer the bitcoins to another address. More forks will probably follow, a complete list can be found on Wikipedia ( what is a fork, what happened? This way, all your BTG will be claimed and you will have a pair of deposit which is requires for BarterDEX trading. Once you have received the new coins in your Coinomi wallet it is up to you what to do with them. The only thing what happened was that some people / miners copied the blockchain with all the transactions - and thus address balances - and changed a few things in the protocol.

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If you had bitcoins in your hardware of software wallet on the date of the fork you can claim your coins. If you were not tracking the fork or not reading. But no politics here, just Google 'blocksize debate' to find more about this fierce debate with lasted for years. This is not the way to claim your coins. Step 16 You will be presented with a txid, once the claim is done. Then sweep the private key and transfer it to your Coinomi wallet. How do I claim Bitcoin Gold, Cash or Diamond? Do I have to claim my Bitcoin Gold, Cash or Diamond? Second step is to find the private key. On the other hand, I would like to congratulate our community readers who heeded our advice of keeping their BTC in the. If you enjoyed this tutorial, do share it with your friends on Twitter Reddit! Console, step 9, if your wallet is locked, we need to unlock it first using walletpassphrase your_passphrase 600 and hit enter. Repeat this process with every address with coins in your wallet.

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Step 3, click on, add Coins, step. In the Derivation Path section, enter: M/44H/0H/0H Note: The characters before H are the number zero and not the letter. The, bitcoin, gold fiasco continues. If you clicked Add instead, you need to delete your BitcoinGold wallet and add a new one. You need to know the private keys of the corresponding bitcoin addresses containing value on the date of the fork. If you bitcoins are stored on a paper wallet you find more information on how transfer on this page: What to do with my paper wallet? Go to the coin, select 'Sweep wallet' from the right menu and scan the QR code of the private key from the previous step. Step 13 Start BarterDEX again. So for the second wallet, this would be M/44H/0H/ 1H, and for the third wallet it would be M/44H/0H/ 2H, and so forth. Note: The fork has already been done and some exchanges have already credited users their BTG tokens. Step 18 Add BCH BTG in electrum mode. Also, the Bitcoin Gold Fork has already happened (around October 24, 6 am UTC at block height 491407).

Keep it safe somewhere, dont loose. And if you dont have Coinomi, then please install the latest version from here on your Android device. It could be a phishing website, the website could be hacked or bitcoin gold claim electrum someone could intercept your internet traffic resulting in loss of all your bitcoins. As final step you can leave the coins in your Coinomi wallet or exchange it for Bitcoins or another coin. A Few More Important Things To Note If you have more than one Bitcoin wallet in your Coinomi account and you want to claim the equivalent BTG, you will have to repeat the above process, replacing the last zero with. Now look for your private keys. Step 14 Click on the green Send button to claim your BTG. Please follow the steps accordingly. Another thing is that users will be able to claim BTG only once the BTG blockchain is live, which is going to happen in early November. Now use your Coinomi wallet along with these seed words/keys for restoring your BTC wallet on Coinomi.

Additional Step for MacOS You should allow app from 3rd party developers first, otherwise MacOS will not let you run the BarterDEX app. Your passphrase will always show the same smartaddress. Your BTG wallet is now ready and you can see both your BTC and BTG balances. Now, you can close the BarterDEX app. Once your device is ready, follow these steps: #1. So if you are trying to claim BTG by transferring in BTC that you didnt own prior to this date, you probably wont get BTG. Check Step 4 on how to add coins on electrum mode in BarterDEX. Dont use your seed words/private keys on splitting tools or 3rd party wallets unless you are 100 sure about. Coinomi doesnt yet support SegWit addresses starting with 3, so with this method, you wont be able to claim your BTG if you had BTC on a SegWit address at the time of the fork. Login with new passphrase. From now on, it bitcoin gold claim electrum will be interesting to see how Bitcoin Gold survives surrounding all the criticism and how much hash power it will be able to steal from other GPU mining rigs. But if you dont, check out these write-ups on Bitcoin Gold: In short, Bitcoin Gold is a new cryptocurrency that forked out of Bitcoin last week (late October 2017) from the block height of 491407.

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And that moment of the future has now come! Here is the official blog post from the Coinomi team on the Bitcoin Gold fork and how to claim your free BTG. Access your BTC wallet where you had your BTC at the time of the fork. You can always claim them later. Requirements: Step 1, start the GUI create a new BarterDEX seed passphrase by clicking. There was a lot of issues to claim, even they had malware issues. Next open the left menu and select ' Coins' and add Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond or any other forked coin. Before you can use them they need to be confirmed / included in a block this can take a while. First a little warning: Beware of phishing and scams, some website ask you to enter a private key to claim your forked coins. With the Bitcoin Cash fork for instance the size of the blocks was increased, allowing more transactions but increasing demand on storage and bandwidth. Step 15 Insert the BTG address you got from Step 6, enter.1 of your full amount, tick the check box to subtract tx fees from the sending amount and click on Send Transaction. For instance to exchange from Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin: open your Bitcoin Cash page and select 'ShapeShift' from the left menu. And, click on exchange.

Use your Bitcoin private key inside the text box and press Login. After login please follow Step 3, 4 5 to activate BTG. If you have the private keys and keep them you are already the owner of the Bitcoin Gold, Diamond or Cash coins or whatever bitcoin gold claim electrum future forks might occur. Bitcoin Cash forked on August 1th 2017, Bitcoin Gold on October 24th and Bitcoin Diamond on November 24th. This doesnt mean that SegWit address hodlers will not be able to claim BTG; rather, these users have to wait until either BTGs official wallet comes out or Coinomi starts supporting SegWit addresses.

bitcoin gold claim electrum

Step 2: Look for your private key. Otherwise just create a transaction in your wallet and send to one of your own addresses: Copy the address from receive and paste it to send. Open your Play Store app, click on the top left menu, select My apps games, and then click on the Update button next to Coinomi Wallet. You can leave them in Coinomi, although this is not advised for larger amount as your phone is probably not a very secure device. This is a step-by-step guide to claim your Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and convert them into Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in quick and easy way using BarterDEX decentralized exchange. I will update this section again with the new and latest information. This is different for every wallet, in Electrum for instance go to the address tab and right click on an address which had funds on the day of the fork - could be in 'used' addresses - and then select 'Private Key'. You have just done your first Atomic Swap! Select, bitcoin Gold (BTG) from the drop-down list, switch. Free BTG when the blockchain is live by using. Transfer the bitcoins to another address in the same or another wallet. If your swap has gone through, congratulations! If you already have Coinomi, then please update your Coinomi wallet to the latest version. .

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First Things First Update/Install Wallet, we are going to do this recovery of BTG from the Coinomi Android wallet. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Coinomi also has the option to exhange coins within the same wallet. 600 is in seconds, means your wallet will be unlocked for the next 5 minutes and after that it will be locked again automatically. Or you can transfer them to another wallet or exchange. Install or update Coinomi on your android device. Expect some delay as I dont see it happening on 1st of November 2017. You can now close your Bitcoin app. Follow this step again with the full amount of your balance this time. Hit the advanced settings button.

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