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Notes and notepad Awesome way to keep all your thoughts in one place Have a trading idea and dont want to forget it? You can also choose the variant not to show you this message in future. If they needed to know this value in points, they had to calculate it by themselves. The process is just the same. Please note that it is necessary to know either your broker charges the commission when you open the trade when you close the trade or both ways. Implementing this feature while backtesting in Forex Tester 4 will be an excellent practice on how to trade with the firm money management rules in live trading. Besides this tab, there are some other ways of adding a note: Go to the toolbar create a note by clicking the Note sign (next to the Text label sign) with the help of the crosshair pointer. Location You can find the Apply Daylight Saving Time checkbox in the last window of creating a project in the Time zone section. Value: This problem disappears completely thanks to our MT4 to FT4 Converter! If you delete one, other tools related to it will be also removed from the rest of the charts. In the last window, find the Other section select the Forward testing only mode option.

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This thread is made for answering the questions of Forex Tester's users. Solution: In Forex Tester 4, you can check whether you have enough data for all the symbols selected for a new project. Value: Be sure that you get the fullest testing results! Location: Enable the Synchronize scrolling of all charts Right-click on the chart and go to the Chart Settings All Charts menu Select the option you need in the Charts Synchronization Align Type section Value: Time economy, convenience, possibility to make forex tester 3 no data trading decisions faster. Right above the list of your notes, there are actions you can perform them - Add a note, Edit, Delete, Search notes. Choose between elements of your strategy - Indicators, Value, Price and Time. Perhaps, this message could make you worry that youve done something wrong. Export of the Profit chart to Excel One more way to export your data Also, now you can Export the Profit chart to Excel for further analysis.

Your strategy will be instantly available in the MetaTrader format and Forex Tester format. Location: A notification window will appear when pressing Ctrl A or closing a chart window. Solution: In the new version of Forex Tester, this problem has been fixed. Location: m Value: Try out any version of Visual Strategy Builder and you will see that there is nothing difficult! Read more Problem: In Forex Tester 3, you could not restart your project from a particular date without creating a new one. Now you can check how significant political and economic events affect the Forex market.

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Enter the project name, selecting the initial deposit, currency pair, testing period, and other settings. Value: Save your time by simply choosing another date of the project to start with - there is no need to go through creating the project wizard over and over again. Do you want to include more data into your project? You dont even need to reload your project! Just use the Apply Daylight Saving Time checkbox Read more Problem: In the Forex Tester 3 program, there is no function that would activate the daylight savings time. Location: To activate synchronization of all linear tools, just click the last button on the Paint toolbar.

It could be somehow inconvenient. We are excited to introduce Forex Tester 4, a powerful new way to get more from backtesting and Forex trading as a result. Filters for Account history More detailed analysis of your trades Now, you can easily filter the orders in the Account History menu! All you need is to choose a desirable time zone. In this case, the commission will the: 5/100.000*50.0002,5, take into account that if your broker takes the round tour forex tester 3 no data commission, you will be charged.5 when you open your trade and the same amount when you close. For example, while scrolling 1 bar forward on the H1 time frame, the M5 time frame chart will be scrolled 12 bars forward respectively.

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When creating a new project, your custom time frame will be also represented among other default time frames. When pointing on the selected chart with the Crosshair cursor, it is also represented on the rest of the charts. You can see the date/time, symbol, and title of every note in the corresponding columns. Notification when downloading a saved desktop You wont lose all your settings by mistake! Notifications when downloading a saved desktop - this small reminder will help you to prevent the accidental loss of the work you have already done! Please pay attention that you can search notes only by their names, not their texts. You can also restart a project from the date you need without creating a new project. Location The number of points can be found in the Account History menu (under your chart) just to the right of the money equivalent of the Profit/Loss value. Does your trading strategy depend on the specific time of day? Now you can restart your project from the selected date without creating a new project.

In other words, you need to add new data to the project you are testing at the moment. Probably every trader knows the 2 rule with its variations one of the golden rules of the money management according to this rule, you should risk no more than 2 of your account size. Now you can learn more data with its help! However, those traders who use fundamentals as an additional source of information in their forecasts lacked the appropriate tools to make their backtesting results as close to reality as possible. Value Get access to all of your data whenever you want. Value: The easier process of adjusting time settings. Solution: In Forex Tester 4, we grouped all indicators by their functions, so that you can find the necessary one in less time. Enjoy a great possibility to test a wider variety of symbols in Forex Tester 4! For example, you can add a trend line to one chart and then it will appear on all of your charts. To use it on another chart, you had to click on this particular chart and then choose Crosshair pointer again. In Forex Tester 3, you had to find the candle that corresponded to the same data on both charts manually (you needed to estimate the time and match the data).

After this, the information about the starting date of testing this project will be renewed. The idea is quite simple: you just drag and drop the needed elements and receive a coded expert advisor in two formats (both for the Forex Tester 4 and MetaTrader 4 platforms) that is ready to be downloaded. Please feel free to leave any query about features, installation, technical issues, questions on how to become an affiliate as well as the questions about the prices. Read more Problem: In Forex Tester 3, traders who use custom time frames needed to create them from the very beginning in every new project. Yeah, we know that it can be frustrating to monitor all that time changes, but we have got you covered. Value: All your interesting ideas and trading decisions are always at your fingertips! But there is also some cheating moments. Solution: In Forex Tester 4, all charts with the same currency pair are synchronized, and while scrolling within the same time frame, all other charts will be scrolled automatically with the right calculation.

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Simply download new data to the project you are testing, then wait until all the ticks are generated and continue your test. Check either your desirable indicator.mq4 file Follow File Install Install New Indicator/Strategy/Script and get the.dll file in a couple of minutes. We have launched a news service for those traders who are eager to find the reasons for such huge market moves and adjust their trading decisions accordingly. To edit a note, please choose one of these options: Click Edit in the Notes tab. Forex Tester's support specialists will comment your posts on a regular basis. The exported file will consist of 8 columns: DateTime Equity open Equity high Equity low Equity close Balance Margin Drawdown Location The process of exporting your Profit chart is very simple: Right-click on the Profit chart choose the. How is the brokers commission calculated in Forex Tester 4?

Simplify the analysis of your trades by grouping them according to parameters such as Date, Symbol, Type, and Profit. The meaning of Priority (at the News tab) can give you the hint at the importance of the news as well. After this, you will have 2 options: download the missing history or just ignore this option and click the Next button to go to the next page. Set the operations that alert the expert advisor to perform any of the actions (for example, the crossover of two Moving Averages). Solution: In Forex Tester 4, the process of adding a custom time frame became much easier. Risks calculations, with Forex Tester 4, you dont need to calculate a secure lot size by yourself. It was quite inconvenient to repeat this action time after time. Read more Problem: We used to have the measurement tool that could be enabled with the help of crosshair, however, we have tried to make it more illustrative. Location: To download new data to an already existing project, please go to the Project menu choose the Download and Update New history option.

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Value: Automated calculation of the time shifting for a trading session you are interested. Read more Problem: In Forex Tester 3, traders had no possibility to synchronize graphical tools on the different charts with the same currency pair selected. Solution: In the new version of Forex Tester, the feature forex tester 3 no data of data exporting was significantly improved. To enable/disable representation of your notes on the chart, just right-click on the chart check/uncheck the Show Notes option. Predict the major market moves based on the fundamental events with the help of our Historical news service and then make use of the technical analysis tools to define the entry and exit points. You just need to click the Update button.